Шарлиз Терон поправилась на 16 килограммов

Fans in shock as one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood so run itself?

Recently, the network got fresh pictures of Charlize Theron, which caused a real wave of indignation. One of the most beautiful Actresses, to put it mildly, awful. Much better, get the hanging tummy, hands and face swollen… Yes, this woman is generally difficult to know the beautiful Charlize.

Thank God, it turned out that the actress launched themselves not just out of laziness, but for the sake of a new role in the film “Tully”, the shooting of which recently launched in Vancouver.

Шарлиз Терон поправилась на 16 килограммов

Theron will play in the film mother of many children, which builds their own business and combines it with raising three children and taking care of my sick brother. Hence its appearance. The heroine Charlize just once to follow him. And to look authentic, the actress had to fat by as much as 16 kg!

However, for Charlize similar metamorphosis with looks is not a novelty. In 2002 for the filming of the movie “Monster” Hollywood sex diva gained 14 pounds, disfigured face makeup, which made her unrecognizable, and she was forced to wear contact lenses. Proceedings of the actress were not in vain – for this role she won the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actress”.

Who better understands Charlize, Renee Zellweger. For the filming of the first films about Bridget Jones, the actress gained weight for 10 pounds, actively eating pizza and ice cream, and threw them immediately after the work, sea of hunger. That earned a reputation as one of the most dedicated Actresses in Hollywood. Fortunately, now the suffering is over, Rene – her character lost. But what will happen to the heroine Theron at the end of the film, we don’t know yet.