Chadov and Ditkovskite has established the regulations for the education of the child

Чадов и Дитковските установили правила по воспитанию ребенка The former spouses are trying to give equal time to the heir to Frank. Despite the fact that they broke up, Alex and Agnes kept a friendly relationship to the dissension between them had a negative effect on the son.

      Чадов и Дитковските установили правила по воспитанию ребенка

      Actor Alexey Chadov starred in the film “the Hammer”, which two days ago came out in the Russian hire. At the filming of the movie star had to learn to box and to fight to fully get into character. According to Alexey, until he mastered those skills, his son Fyodor was learning to walk. Boy, born Agnia Ditkovskite grows very talented.

      Despite his parents ‘ divorce six years ago, the child is not deprived of love and attention. Alexei Chadov told how they agreed with the ex-wife to bring up Fedor.

      “Together. We agreed that the boy spends with the mother exactly the same time as dad” – said the star of “the Hammer.”

      According to the artist, he makes every effort to interact more with the heir. This summer, the star father went with the grown Fedor abroad. Chadov helped the child to float in the Mediterranean sea. Besides, Alex vomitive from a boy to a real man: he taught him to drive the car and takes him to a football field.

      “Fedor is very independent. Obviously, even in such a small age. There are one: I in the childhood too was very independent. And he is a good boy, a good soul, pleasant to be around,” admitted Alex.

      Subscribers microblog Chadova admired the little heir to the stars and say that Fedor is very similar to the father, and in the future, the boy would look good on the screen. However, the star dad is no hurry to make such predictions. According to him, to discern the true ability of the child can be only a few years.

      “I want to – I’ll try. If you’ll find he has the talent, then go ahead… But it is difficult to understand the gifted child — maybe his vocals will show up brilliant, or he will be fond of sports. Have to wait and see,” said Chadov in an interview

      In turn, his ex-wife Agniya Ditkovskite also claims that Fedor grows a very smart boy. As said the actress in an interview, the heir even realized that his family had the disorder, although it was very small. Agnes has made every effort to make this time the least negative impact on the development of Fedora. Agnia Ditkovskite told how the son took her divorce