A particular tension: how to lose weight on fitness for the lazy

Особое напряжение: как худеют на фитнесе для ленивых How to gain a perfect body within a short period, “StarHit” said the Creator of the Studio EMS-training Just fit exclusive club Dmitry Kovalev. According to the expert, for polyene visible spectacular just a few classes. By the way, many stars have long been keep in shape through fitness under stress.

    Особое напряжение: как худеют на фитнесе для ленивых

    Let’s face it: many of us in the gym laziness. Want to train less often, and weight to lose quickly. More desirable and not just to lose weight, but to gain any relief. It seems, wishes pretty fantastic. But there are technologies that allow to achieve all these goals far more quickly than conventional exercising in the fitness club. Talking about electromyostimulation training, or EMS.

    This method was invented by Russian doctors, who worked on the space program. The constant weightlessness of the astronaut’s muscles gradually atrophied for lack of the usual load, and fitness classes on a space station – it is very difficult. I needed some method that would allow to maintain your muscle tone without exercise.

    So there electromyostimulation, is the action of weak electric impulses in the muscles. These discharges cause muscle fibers to contract, which improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and increases the muscle tone. Don’t get nervous, hearing the word “electricity,” such discharges are physiological and fully comply with the electric impulses sent to muscles by the brain. They are almost imperceptible, but the effect of this impact noticeable.

    Особое напряжение: как худеют на фитнесе для ленивых

    For a long time, such exercises were used only in orbit. But more recently, the methodology was adapted and for those who are on the career of astronaut not think. EMS-training is probably the most fresh chip health clubs. The point is that you’re not in sweat pants and a t-shirt, and a special-fitting jumpsuit, which is connected to the EMS simulator. The jumpsuit has a built a huge number of microelectrodes that send electric impulses to various muscles. Pulsed currents of issued equipment, it is absolutely safe for the organism, because its parameters are identical to electrical impulses generated by our brain during exercise.

    The training is the same as taking on a conventional simulator. But the result is much more impressive, because during exercise the muscles are actively pumped by the electric impulses.


    Особое напряжение: как худеют на фитнесе для ленивых

    EMS-training is always individual sessions with a personal trainer. Perhaps it’s even better – all by ourselves, we often get distracted and, instead, chatting with friends, sipping carrot juice at the health bar. Plus individual training in the fact that you do not need to be ashamed, comparing myself with toned regulars of the hall. First, the coach will assess the overall condition of the muscles, will determine areas on which to work, and will be training program. You are wearing a suit, the coach sets the pulse strength, and the lesson begins.

    EMS-training can be conducted on simulators, and other equipment – even with dumbbells, though with a punching bag. It looks like an ordinary exercise, but muscles are 10 times more active than usual. The training ends with a lymphatic drainage massage. The whole process takes only about 30 minutes and significant effect appears already after the second or third class.


    The new method has tens of thousands of fans. And each of them confirms: EMC classes a lot of advantages:

    1. No need to spend money on gym clothes. It is not necessary to carry a towel, shower gel. You will only need sneakers. Suit, towel, disposable underwear and all the rest are issued in the club.

    2. On average, to achieve the desired result requires 10-12 sessions. That is, after a month you already get a figure of dreams. During normal training, this time will be visible only the first results. The cost of one EMS-training comparable to the price of a single visit to a good health club.

    3. Harmonious development of all muscles. With EMS-training all muscles work simultaneously, and no risk of “pumping” the same group of muscles, ignoring the other. Each EMS training works with deep muscles of the back. The spine gains stability back significantly relieve tension.

    4. A minimum of contraindications. The method of electrical myostimulation, which is the basis of the EMS training applies even in rehabilitation after severe injuries and operations. These classes do not overload the spine and joints, they are suitable for the elderly, and for those who have problems with locomotor apparatus.