The son of Polina Gagarina preparing for the show “the Voice. Children”

Сын Полины Гагариной готовится к шоу «Голос. Дети» The heir to the singer helps her choose songs for “Fights”. Polina Gagarina, one of the mentors of the fifth season of “the Voice” told her that her husband and nine-year-old son give her professional advice regarding repertoire for her students.

      Сын Полины Гагариной готовится к шоу «Голос. Дети»

      On the First channel with great success is the popular show “the Voice.” This season the project is the fifth in a row. Not so long ago ended the first and most intriguing stage of “the Voice” – blind auditions. Now it is the turn for the dramatic stage – fights.

      On the eve of the show scene went, the wards of mentor Polina Gagarina, Alexander Gomel and Julia Litos. Girls enchanting for two voices performed the famous hit of Alla Pugacheva “Well enough, I will remember”, tearing applause from the audience and received enthusiastic comments about your presentation from the mentors of the show “the Voice.” Well, then came the turn of Polina Gagarina to give a verdict about which of the singers will remain in the project, and who will go.

      But a beginning teacher with unexpected recognition. As it turned out, the repertoire for her team she chooses to feed her husband Dmitry Iskhakov and nine-year-old son Andrew.

      “I’m thankful for my son and husband who chose girls this song – said Polina Gagarina. – It’s true. Moreover, the initiator of my son Andrew”. “Oh, so we have to thank four-year chubby?” – interrupted the teacher host of the show “the Voice” Dmitry Nagiyev. “He’s nine years old, then corrected Polina. And he, incidentally, is preparing to take part in the project “Voice. Children.”

      Add that Gagarin decided that the show will remain Aleksandra Gomel than provoked angry comments in his address on social networks. Fans of “the Voice” remained dissatisfied with the choice of mentor, considering that it just selects artists within the format. However, the other members of the jury show was an opportunity to leave the project Yulia Lites, but they didn’t use it.

      By the way, the son of Polina Gagarina Andrew not so long ago starred together with her mother in a new clip. The video was the announcement of a new project of the singer and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov. In the video, Pauline and Andrew fun dancing in the Elevator and underground Parking. Moreover, their movements full of improvisation. Polina Gagarina lit with eight-year-old son

      “Filmed and edited a family effort, and here is the result, – has shared with fans in Instagram.. – If you want to become part of the classroom project dedicated to the release of the album “9” – dance! First, download the song. Second, dance how, with whom and where I want under the track “Dance with me”, take yourself and your friends on video and share with the hashtag #tantsuyuschimi. Your little movie will become a part of a clip “Dance with me”.