Celine Dion talked about life after her husband’s death

Селин Дион рассказала о жизни после смерти мужа

In January of this year, Celine Dion lost her husband. Renee Angelil died of cancer of the larynx, who have struggled for years.

Now, almost a year after the loss, Celine can talk about their grief experiences. According to Dion with the death of her husband her life has not stopped, even though it was difficult: “I can’t just live like this: “I lost my husband and my kids have no father.” I have to stay strong because this is my life motto: be strong, positive and do all I can to live for today and know that nothing is perfect and not everything I want will come true.”

The singer has repeatedly said that she still feels her husband’s presence, therefore not exclude that the same feeling it will be during the trip her family into the mountains: “”He did the snow and the mountains something magical. When I go down on skis, I feel like I’m coming down with it. And our children think about him. Every time I go, I feel closer to him.”