Джоли запрещала Питту общаться с женщинами

“Of course, not all of them, but there was a list of those with whom brad to talk just cannot be”, – informs the American edition RadarOnline.

As it turns out, marrying angelina hardly resembled brad easy walk, the wife controlled its contacts with the outside world and determine with whom to communicate and with whom – no. “Taylor Schilling, Lady Gaga and even Sarah Paulson lesbian – was in the black list of Angelina”, – approves a source.

But now brad’s on the loose again and, according to that same source, “with pleasure expands your social circle and finally ready to have fun.” In fact, why not – after all, the divorce of star pair is not far off, soon brad will officially receive the status of a bachelor. And one eligible bachelor in Hollywood will be more. Though not very young, but still OGO-go what!