Media: trump wants to give Stallone a place in his team

СМИ: Трамп хочет предложить Сталлоне место в своей команде

The inauguration of newly elected President Donald trump will be held in January 2017. Yet the presidency, trump did not take, but it is looking for ideal candidates for their staff, with whom he will work.

As reported by the Western media, the Donald wants to surround himself with influential and famous people, some of which can be Sylvester Stallone.

The Daily Mail, citing a source, trump has not made the actor a formal proposal, but the publication suggests that it “would react positively” to the idea.

Environment trump says that with Stallone it had a long history of friendly relations, besides, he appreciate him as a great professional. Because the appointment of Sylvester on the head of the national Fund for the arts doesn’t sound so unrealistic.

Reference: the national Fund for the arts was founded in the USA in 1965 to support and Finance projects in the sphere of art.