“Catwoman” impoverished after the attempted murder of boyfriend

«Женщина-кошка» обеднела после попытки убийства бойфренда Jocelyn Wildenstein attacked a loved one and tried to stab him with scissors. The usual romantic dinner at “trump tower” over the arrest of a socialite. But the trials in her life is not over. The family of the former husband of Jocelyn stopped paying her alimony.

      76-year-old socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein comes after the controversial arrest, which occurred in December last year. The woman then tried to stab her boyfriend – 49-year-old fashion designer Lloyd Klein. The usual romantic dinner over the scandal. The lovers quarreled over the fact that Wildenstein offended by your mate. The man ignored favorite and preferred contact with her mobile phone. Jocelyn lost his temper and attacked Lloyd. First celebrity scratched his face, then doused in wax and then grabbed a scissors and stabbed them in the chest Klein.

      Startled, the designer called the police and reported an armed attack. Law enforcement officers were forced to take Wildenstein to the office and spend time with her explanatory talk. Jocelyn then read the charge in city court and released on bail.

      However, this was not the end. After some time, Wildenstein stated that she had nothing to live for. Socialite met with Western reporters of the tabloid to talk about their problems. Joslyn claimed that the family of her ex-husband, billionaire Alec Wildenstein, ceased to pay alimony.

      “They just stopped coming. I wasn’t ready for it. How can I pay dentist, doctors, the cost of the house or travel? I have no money… I just threw it” – frankly admitted Jocelyn.

      Wildenstein also announced reporters about his firm intention to say goodbye to the beloved home. Jocelyn decided to sell a luxury apartment in the “trump tower” – a luxury high-rise in Manhattan, where, by the way, is located the apartment is newly elected President of America. This will allow “the woman-cat” to settle accounts with debts, at least for a while.

      Rumor has it that Jocelyn went bankrupt as a result of numerous plastic surgeries. According to the tabloids, the woman spent my entire $ 2.5 billion, inherited her after her high-profile divorce from art dealer Alec Wildenstein, the endless surgery. In addition, socialite loves expensive things and spending a huge amount. And after Jocelyn ceased to receive support from relatives of the ex-spouse in the amount of $ 100 million a year, and it was on the rocks.