Стеша Маликова купается в любви бойфренда The girl said, how are her relationships with chosen. Successor Dmitry Malikov has unveiled the touching details of her affair with a younger man. Stesha Malikova for two years perceived Leonid Gruzdeva solely as a friend.

      The daughter of musician Dmitry Malikov Stesha attracts the interest of many teenagers. Network young lady shows off beautiful life – stay at prestigious resorts, social events, tries himself as a singer. However, many people wonder, how does a 16-year-old girls relationship with her boyfriend. Stesha Malikova meets the son of the former Governor of the Tula region Leonid Gruzdev. Subscribers in the social network are constantly asking her questions about how her affair with a young man.

      Not so long ago Stesha decided to change her hairstyle. Fans asked how it responded to the boyfriend. The girl admitted that, in her opinion, Leon appreciates her not for appearance. Stesha Malikova has lost the elegant curls

      “I like him any. Love’s not for the shape of the nose and not the length of the hair,” explained Malikov all the fans.

      Stesha also admitted that she admires all the qualities of the character of the elect, without exception. Apparently, in relationship young people there is complete harmony. The girl said that even on the desktop its gadget as the splash screen is their picture together.

      Despite the fact that Malikov quite Frank with her fans, she tries not to boast relations with a young man. Novel about 16-year-old girl first told her father in the program “the Secret to a million.” After the transfer the fans of heir loud the names of literally pelted her with questions about his personal life. Stesha admitted that for a long time not received the attentions of a young man and thought of him only as a friend. Only after a while the girl realized what their ears in love with him.

      “To be honest, I don’t like the word “achieve” in relation to the girl. I believe that you can achieve your goal. It beautifully looked after throughout two very long-winded… I grew up and realized that my world is this person”, – shared the story girl.

      Together with a young man Malikov appeared at the ball debutantes magazine Tatler. The first dance she performed with the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, and the rest of the time at the event didn’t break up with her partner.