Luke Safronov: “On the verge of life and death we are all the same”

Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые» Famous pianist recovered, that would give a charity concert. Luke Safronov took full responsibility for all organizational and gave sick children a holiday in the center of specialized medical care to children with congenital abnormality of craniofacial area and congenital diseases of the nervous system.

      Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые»

      “StarHit” met with the musician in the lobby of the medical center. While during the concert preparations: set the piano, was seated a small audience with his parents, Luke explained why he decided to speak, barely leaving the intensive care unit, where he was brought with the diagnosis “pneumonia”.

      “Lying on a drip, I realized that we are all the same, and there is no difference you are rich or famous when your condition is extremely serious, – said the composer. – Of the eleven people that were with me in the house, three did not literally before my eyes.”
      Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые»

      He decided that leaving the threshold Botkin hospital, will take part in the charity event. “I called my close friends, Dima and Denis, shared the idea and we decided together to buy gifts,” recalls the pianist.

      Stopped at books, coloring, designer, and robots. Just purchased several copies for a total amount of 50 thousand rubles. “They can not give a plush toy, as all should be treated in a special way, so choose something suitable always a problem, but we did it,” – emphasizes the laureate of music competitions.

      Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые»

      No dessert on this day, patients are also left – especially for them was prepared the party design genuine marmalade, which does not include any sugar or components that are contraindicated in children on treatment. Dessert made good friend Luke and one of the best confectioners of Moscow Oleg Ilyin.

      The life of each patient of the medical center literally hangs in the balance. Medical center 315 chambers, where almost no free places. The group of specialists fighting for the health of every child.

      “To support these kids, to help and to give them presents a major challenge, because we also can be in a hospital where needed care and attention, especially for those who have it not,” said 26-year-old son of the artist.
      Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые»

      The pianist finished his touching speech, which encouraged everyone to recover and return to normal life, promising in the near future again to enjoy their concert. Children and their parents thanked Luke with a loud applause and expressed their gratitude in the warmest words.

      So, for eight-year-old Vani Gogoleva this concert was a miracle. His parents accepted the diagnosis of “embryonic rabdomiosarkoma front of the chest” like a death sentence. But thanks to the work of experienced physicians and a strong desire to get well, Ivan has had four difficult operations, one of which lasted 11 hours. On this day, he received from Luke Safronova Lego, which is really wanted.

      “Now the boy has no tumor, no metastases. This is a gift that he brought the deserved reward, his little medal,” – says doctor Wani.
      Лука Сафронов: «На грани жизни и смерти мы все одинаковые»

      Despite the fact that the child’s condition stabilized, a full recovery need medicine. Unfortunately, the boy’s family at the moment can not afford it. “We spent everything we had. The medication is very expensive, we even the New year are unable to purchase a van a designer that he asked Santa Claus – says the mother of Ivan Milan Gogoleva. But Luke gave us a real holiday”.

      The composer did not let, parents and staff of the centre came to personally shake hands with and thank. In the eyes of the joy and hope for the future. “I think coming home soon. Now learned to cook soup, I will help mother with the meal, and when I grow up, gonna be a Builder or a superhero like Iron man,” shared dreams Vanya Zhogolev.