Catherine velichenko a second time married

Екатерина Вуличенко во второй раз вышла замуж The actress and her partner were married in the registry office Griboyedov. Catherine velichenko made the ceremony a secret. Wedding date soap Opera stars and her lover was a well-kept secret. The couples went on a honeymoon, postponing the celebration to a later date.

The star of the movie “the State Counsellor”, “Love me”, “French” and other Catherine velichenko married. The actress has preferred to keep secret from all the fans the date of their marriage and told about the event only after it happened.

On Saturday, April 29, Catherine velichenko published in his microblog photo taken on the day of registration of marriage with her lover. For the ceremony, the star chose a slinky white dress, length above the knees, over which wore a fashionable double-breasted jacket. The bride’s head was adorned with white flowers. Looked Velichenko just fine.

No comments to the image, the artist did with only a smiley in the shape of a heart. But followers of Catherine Velichenko and that was enough. They immediately began to congratulate your darling with wonderful event.

“Kate, are you married?! Heartiest congratulations”, “It’s a movie or life?” “Happiness and love!”, “Seals, congratulations, love!”, “So cute, I wish you all well,” – responded to the news of the marriage of the actress to her fans.

As it became known, elect Catherine Velichenko name is Marat. Young people met in Moscow a couple of years ago. Not so long ago lover had done to Catherine’s proposal. Before to register marriage in Moscow, the lovers had a wedding ceremony in France, Las Vegas and Japan. The couple plans to arrange more and magnificent celebration in Moscow, its date, and the day of the wedding of Ekaterina and Marat prefer to keep secret. By the way, immediately after the official registration of relations of the bride and groom left for the airport. The couple went on a wedding trip to a European Spa resorts.

Recall for 36-year-old actress Catherine Velichenko this marriage was the second in a row. With the first husband and the father of her daughter Sophia, financier Denis Trifonov actress officially divorced in 2014 after nine years of marriage.

Despite the breakup, the former husband and wife can maintain friendly relations for the sake of my daughter. By mutual agreement, the girl was left to live with mom, but spends weekends and part of the holidays with daddy.

Catherine velichenko very friendly with actress Ekaterina Klimova, who also in 2014, went through a divorce with her husband Igor Petrenko. Now Klimova is happily married with actor Gela Meskhi. Husband of Ekaterina Klimova told about the fight with Igor Petrenko