Alla Ioshpe and stahan Rakhimov with the chic arranged the dacha outside Moscow

Алла Йошпе и Стахан Рахимов с шиком обустроили подмосковную дачу Folk artists boasted a stylish renovation. Updated design of a country house was a gift for the famous Duo to the emerald wedding. Old and dear to the hearts of singers the items were preserved and blended in with the modern interior.
Алла Йошпе и Стахан Рахимов с шиком обустроили подмосковную дачу

The famous family and creative Duo of Alla Ioshpe and Stahan Rakhimov this year three anniversary. Each of the spouses turns eighty years old, and the husband and wife celebrate an emerald wedding of their marital Union for 55 years.

The program “a Perfect repair” the First channel decided to make a folk artists a surprise by making repairs in a country house vocalists. Alla Ioshpe and stahan Rakhimov asked to arrange a terrace at the dacha outside Moscow where he lived for many years. “We spend a lot of time in this room and you want to breathe new life into it,” said house owners of the designer Natasha Barbier.

Giving artists – a house with its own history, with beloved artists objects, the designers decided that they need to preserve and wisely to enter into the updated interior.


Алла Йошпе и Стахан Рахимов с шиком обустроили подмосковную дачу

The authors of the project in the first place, decided to change the layout of the premises, enlarged and moved doorways. These innovations helped to add space and functionality. Plus, the porch insulated, new wiring done, strengthened the walls, so now here you can spend time all year round. Designers allocated a soft, comfortable area, equipped with dining and offered to organize a capacious system for storage.

Some of the things Alla Ioshpe and Stahan Rakhimov was taken to restore, because they retain the spirit of old Moscow suburban villas. The main focus of the updated terrace was yellow lampshade spouses as a symbol of marital happiness and success.

In the living room design used natural materials and shades, the unusual combination of textures and color palette of the original author’s techniques for decorating and lighting.

Bed on the floor of massive oak planks, the manufacturer gives her fifty-year guarantee. Walls painted Japanese water-dispersion paint, it is perfect for rooms with high humidity. One wall – color crispy cabbage, is the most fashionable shade right now, and the rest neutral, beige color.

The porch was green, like a blossoming garden. The basis of the interior was the mural of the story plant, simulating the monstera leaves. The terrace was decorated with variety of flowers and exotic plants, warm textures and a large number of textiles.

For curtains, choose fabric emerald green tulle – a fluid-Baptiste cream color. Vintage lampshade owners have updated, painted metal and fitted with Golden fabric.

Battery ordered decorative screens made of artificial rattan. To close the topic of insulation put incredibly stylish heater. He – infrared, with a convector. On the floor laid a carpet, he acrylic, cream color. This coating does not fade and does not slip. In order for this room was particularly comfortable, purchased two plaid – summer and winter.

Alla Ioshpe and stahan Rakhimov, appeared on the threshold of its new home, came in awe of what he saw.

“I knew you were a wizard, but this beauty did not expect to see, – said Alla Yakovlevna. – Oh, my God, what a noble color, and curtains, and pads, and baby soft… I’m so touched, you can not even imagine. We have a triple anniversary, and we Sthanam thought that maybe we should not advertise it. And you have so congratulated, this gift did. Thank you very much!”