Oksana Samoilova first told about newborn daughter

Оксана Самойлова впервые рассказала о новорожденной дочери Djigan wife shared with subscribers microblog touching photo. Oksana Samoylova published a family photograph with her husband and baby. Fans went into raptures when he saw the face of the baby.

On the eve of the family of rap artist Djigan and Oksana Samoilova, a daughter was born. A girl named Maya. Interestingly, the third heir of the female gave the favorite his birthday – 27 April. Fans beauties could not wait to share it with them the first frame of the baby.

Now, when the birth went well, and large mom feels great, she put in the “Instagram” post where you tell us a little about the Maya. The picture shows the tenderness with which the head of the family kisses and hugs favorite. Itself Oksana can’t stop looking at her and looks very happy.

“A birthday present, blue-eyed. Baby, welcome to our family,” said Samoylova.

Fans have long been worried about the condition of the idol and sent her hundreds of questions, wanting to know when the light will be a child. Perhaps that is why seeing the long-awaited scenes from the medical center, users of social networks were flooded brunette greetings. They noted that in the domestic show business do not often see strong families with children. Also followers praised Samoilov for the kind and gentle attitude to the princesses: Ariel, Leah and Maya.

“Thank you that there is still such a mother. This is what creates true love! Sure, you give birth again and again, because it is such a joy! The irony – again girl, but this probably has something special and incredible!”, “Wow – on my birthday! Congratulations! Most important – your health and all the best!” “Oksanochka! Happiness to you and your family! Let the baby grow to be as beautiful” “How great! Fascinated by you. I heartily congratulate double celebration! Health, quick recovery and happiness,” “Oh, and we’ve been waiting for photos! Finally! Thank you for sharing, we are very worried sister. Now we are calm!” – wrote in comments followers celebrities.

Interestingly, with the advent of another child’s private time Oksana will be very little. Despite this, women are absolutely not worried and is confident that it will be comfortable to rest along with heirs. In addition, Samoilova already told fans that no longer having fun in public places.

“It’s almost not remember what it was like to leave home later than 22 hours, which is not fun in the company of children and look like night clubs. My thoughts are not about that, although sometimes, of course, want to go somewhere. Once I have enough years on the floor for sure – I’m grandma. Interestingly, the mother of three children do have a moral right to go to clubs and to party as if nothing had happened?” wrote Oksana.