Catherine Christmas visited the burial pit

Екатерина Рождественская побывала в могильной яме

To be in a burial pit – what could be more intimidating for a normal person? As awful as it was, but many years ago, as a child Catherine Christmas survived just such an experience. About how Catherine ended up in grave press said her friend, the writer Darya Dontsova.

“We were just kids. And then came among us dispute: who is not weak in the night to go to the cemetery? All – and we had five or frightened. But Katka, and though the youngest in our company, was the most brave,” says Dontsova. According to the writer the clock was already 11-th hour (for kids late at night). The frightening atmosphere that the boardwalk was added that in the district do not burn any of the lantern.

“The cemetery, I must say, was not far from the train station. If you go to the village on the highway, I get about two miles, and through the cemetery is only 500 metres away. At some point, Katka fell in a hole, I helped her to get out, but all she managed to get dirty in the ground…” continued Daria. “…And here we go: ahead – wheeling in this little white dress with streaks of dirt and I. But my kata is not visible. And meet us is a woman, apparently, with the last train. “Girl, you’re so pretty in this beautiful dress, and so get so dirty?” “she asked my girlfriend. “Auntie, it’s me getting out from under the ground, got dirty,” said Katya.

To escape from this “little ghosts” the woman hurried to the second, leaving the cemetery all the things and running away screaming.

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