Муж Скарлетт Йоханссон угрожает ей разводом, если она вернется в Голливуд

Scarlett Johansson rarely gives reasons to speak about myself. Except when it becomes a party of any rating or again brilliantly played the role in the new film.

Last week, the actress lifted the veil of secrets in his personal life. However, not on their own. Close to Johansson informants said that she was tired of living in France and wants to return to the United States.

Girlfriend Scarlett’s claim that she’s in Paris feels lonely because all her friends left for the ocean. And to make a career in Hollywood, while living in France, is also very difficult. She could have played many successful roles since “retiring” her to go there yet…

Upon learning that his wife feels uncomfortable in a foreign country for her, Johansson husband Romain Doriana is not a fact that was not supported by the favorite and decided to act even more obnoxious, he threatened wife with divorce if she ever again somewhere mentioned that France was not her home.

Roman does not want to move overseas and trying by all means to detain wife beside him. The Doriana even resorted to blackmail the Holy child. He said he will deny permission to take out their common daughter rose, in September will mark two years only, beyond France, or even take away a baby if Johansson would dare to file for divorce. Meanwhile, Scarlett, apparently, has not yet made a final decision. However, the last few months the couple almost never appear together.

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