На защите чести: в каких громких делах был замечен адвокат Бородиной, Волочковой и других Alexander Dobrovinsky has a great reputation among celebrities. He provided legal support to Yulia Baranovskaya, Philip Kirkorov, Anastasia Volochkova and other public figures. “StarHit” recalls the most vivid story, involving a man.

      На защите чести: в каких громких делах был замечен адвокат Бородиной, Волочковой и других

      Married Kurban Omarov year ago Ksenia Borodina and had no idea that someday her happiness will end. Businessman and leading “House-2” it seemed like the perfect couple. However, after the wedding, pregnant star of the air was to see my wife less. A few days before giving birth celebrity found out that her husband was unfaithful.

      Ksenia Borodina forbidden to see his son Kurban Omarov

      Xenia continued to endure and to hope that the Eid will come around, but peace in the family and never returned. Then Borodin publicly admitted in his microblog that she was already more than a month does not communicate with Omarov. To settle divorce and business disputes with her husband, TV presenter turned to the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

      Famous lawyer trusted by many stars. He was not afraid to undertake even the most high-profile cases. Thus, the financial conflict of Yulia Baranovskaya and Andrey Arshavin has received the big public resonance. Alexander represented the interests of the mother of three children who were born in a civil marriage with a famous football player.

      In 2014, thanks to the efforts Dobrovinsky, the court ordered Arshavin to pay maintenance for the heirs, though his relationship with Baranovskaya has not been officially registered. Now the athlete is forced every month to pay 50 percent of their income on education of children.

      “I don’t care where someone is from, I’m only interested in himself!- Dobrovinsky said in an interview with “StarHit. – Given the opportunity – work with people from show business. A business relationship grew into a strong friendship, as with Philip Kirkorov. But ordinary people among my clients around fifty percent, as any star lawyer.”
      На защите чести: в каких громких делах был замечен адвокат Бородиной, Волочковой и других

      Dobrovinsky does not tolerate injustice, therefore, when Anastasia was in the center of the scandal, the lawyer volunteered to provide consulting support. The essence of the dispute between Anastasia Volochkova, Valeria and Joseph Prigogine was to abuse that allegedly were addressed to the singer and her husband from the lips of ballerinas.

      The lawyer Dobrovinsky explained why protects Volochkova for free

      “Many feel interested in the question of money. Whether it is between me and Anastasia Volochkova? Explain: no. And it was decided in the first 15 minutes of our first meeting. Just as I didn’t take the money with Katya Liepa, Yana Poplavskaya, Mai Plesetskaya and many others. I think when a person is in trouble, and it’s not about material cause money do not want to talk. I know I’m the exception. But, thank God, I have something to eat, and I can afford to help people for nothing. And the fact that Nastya is good and it is nice to go out in the evenings – so it is, in my opinion, everything is clear”, – wrote on the personal page in a social network Dobrovinsky.

      На защите чести: в каких громких делах был замечен адвокат Бородиной, Волочковой и других

      Many remember the high-profile case of Philip Kirkorov, when the king of pop was accused of use of physical force against the Director Marina Yablokova. The singer then turned to Dobrovinsky and have not regretted.

      With the help of a lawyer managed to find a video of the rehearsal of the Kremlin Palace of congresses, which shows how developed the conflict of the singer with Yablokova. In the video, no evidence was found of illegal behavior of the artist. After both parties have signed a settlement agreement in the case the point was put.

      And recently, Alexander managed to resolve another conflict, in which was involved the man. The issue turned out to be solved in the pretrial order. Recall that in 2012, the rapper Timati has published personal correspondence with Kirkorov in social networks in an open access. Philip said that he was disappointed in the young performer. Later Timothy apologized to the people’s artist. Philip settled the conflict with Timothy

      На защите чести: в каких громких делах был замечен адвокат Бородиной, Волочковой и других

      In addition, the 61-year-old star lawyer defending the interests of many businessmen, including Boris Berezovsky, Alexey Mordashov, Sergei Polonsky, Senator Vladimir Slutsker, Ruslan Baisarov – in-law Alla Pugacheva.

      However, in the practice of law Dobrovinsky was such Affairs which he refused to take. So, in 2014, there was a loud scandal in the family of football player Alexander Kerzhakov. The athlete made the civil wife Catherine Safronova to be treated in a psychiatric hospital, and then insisted that it was deprived of parental rights, referring to the addiction women.

      “I never had a case of Ekaterina Safronova – poyasnit then a lawyer. And did not want to engage in them in virtue of certain moral ethics lawyer Dobrovinsky. Namely, if you can’t help, for any money not try for this customer. This is one of the foundational principles that I was guided. How to help Ekaterina Safronova, I have not seen. In addition, in this case, too many skeletons in the closet, which nobody wanted to tell you from the beginning. So I refused”.

      In addition, Alexander Dobrovinsky has decided not to participate in another scandalous case – the conflict between the relatives of the departed Zhanna Friske and the father of her child Platon Dmitry Shepelev, who for a long time did not let the grandparents see the grandchild. Renowned lawyer shared his view of the relationship between relatives of Joan on one of the talk shows. “Each in its own rights… If I was approached, I would try to bring the conflicting parties alone in his office and tried to reconcile them,” said Dobrovinsky.

      Meanwhile, just a few weeks after this statement, the lawyer made an unexpected confession on his page on “Facebook”, hinting at a full awareness of the Affairs of the star family. “In the coming hours, the news Agency will publish data about who is still “stole 20 million rubles, intended for the treatment of Zhanna Friske. Let me remind you that the money disappeared from the account a few weeks before the death of little Jeanne. But will suffer if these rascals punishment – I don’t know…” wrote the lawyer.

      By the way, now in the “Rusfond” seems to come to an end. Relatives Janna Friske reported to the police for everything spent on the treatment star money. Natalia Friske: “the Question of the missing millions on the treatment of Jeanne lifted”

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