Екатерина Варнава открыла собственный бизнес в Сети
Star making money on the fans.

Photo: Instagram

Usually the stars of domestic show-business earn from advertising or participate in sweepstakes, which is now called “Gibeah”. Catherine Barnabas learned about the fashionable topic of online psychological marathons and decided to join such a profitable business. The presenter has created its own course and called it “Life style VA.”

“I am announcing the launch of its exclusive online course, — said Ekaterina live your blog. — Had not slept in several months, but he is ready! So, you want to paint your gray days — are you on course! You’re just treading water and want to figure out what to do next — you on the course. Want to love myself even more — you on the course! I want to make a gift to the girlfriend/wife/girlfriend/sister/mistress — you should buy this course!!! I guarantee you will appreciate it. Who is teaching? Not me! I’ll study together with you! Each lesson, each task I will do with you. And you will see what I am incompetent “Krivolak”, but very carefully. For this project I gathered the coolest expert advice from which are beshennye money! The course consists of 15 lessons on 15 different topics with homework! Each participant will have a sponsor, who will kick it VA-kick from sentencesto. What is the result? You will empower yourself! Starting from the brain, ending with the heels!”

Internet analysts say that the ordinary blogger with an average number of subscribers for online marathons with the cost of 1-2 thousand rubles can earn up to a million “wooden”! Course Barnabas is 9990 rubles. Blog Catherine now 3.9 million subscribers, so if at least a thousand fans of the actress will take part in the marathon, then Barnabas will be able to earn good money.