Виктория Дайнеко откровенно рассказала про дочь и любимого мужчину
The singer has placed all points over “i”.

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Dayneko often ask two questions: first — when she finally shows her daughter, the second — about her personal life. The singer could not stand the constant “attacks” of fans — and spoke in detail about what is happening in her life. Previously, she always said does not show the daughter as she is afraid for her. The fact that Dayneko there are a number of inappropriate enemies, even set fire to her mailbox in the house. Now Vick speaks not so categorical, that has never and will never show Lida.

“My daughter is a separate person, — says the singer. — I do not accept her decision. She has her own life and their views. As soon as she wants the publicity or social media, I’m sure it will help. I want to keep her debauchery away. You read so much crap in social networks. Is it immature child’s mind it is possible to let this happen? And I’m not hiding. Do not translate it in the car under the cover of night with a bag on his head. We live ordinary lives as ordinary people. I do not understand thousands of questions on this topic. My creativity is something I share with people, and everything else is personal. This is my life, and not a universal property”.

As for his personal life, which is unimaginable interested in public after her divorce from her husband, then the wick periodically allows himself to share the details. So, on the eve of own birthday she admitted that she has a man. But after a short time Dayneko published a post about his disappointment. Fans came to the conclusion that the singer broke up with her new boyfriend. Now I want to know is Victoria’s in a relationship or not. But with love, as it turned out, now the singer is all that difficult.

“If I say that my heart is free, then a lie, she confessed. — I do not impose their attachment to people, but quite clearly give to know about it. Everything is always in the hands of men”.