Екатерина и Александр Стриженовы устроили романтическое свидание Celebrity couple spent Thursday night alone with each other. First, Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov had supper in a posh restaurant in the centre of Moscow, and then went to the show with the participation of Philip Jankowski.

      Екатерина и Александр Стриженовы устроили романтическое свидание

      One of the most beautiful and strong couples of the Russian show-business Ekaterina and Aleksandr Strizhenov spent Thursday night alone with each other. The couple went to a performance of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov’s “Dreamworks. A dream come true” and enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Moscow at the Kuznetsk bridge.

      “A date with my husband before the Moscow art theatre “Dreamworks. A dream come true”. Bouquet for Philip Jankowski. It was really touching and heartfelt played the main character of the play by Ivan Vyrypaev David! Philip good actor, I always knew we worked together in the movie, but on stage I saw him for the first time. And I’m impressed!”, – shared her emotions with Catherine in the caption to the picture with her husband.

      Despite the fact that the actors many years together, their relationship still present romance. For a long time Catherine and Alexander could not afford because of the busy schedule to arrange a date, so the evening alone with each other has brought them the joyful emotions that they will retain in memory for a long time.

      Fans of Russian stars don’t stop writing compliments and spouses to admire their couple. “What a delicate photo. Very beautiful”, “Perfect family”, “You are very lovely flowers, exquisite earrings and a wonderful husband!”, such nice words left on the page Strizhenovoj its subscribers.

      Many noted that the husband of Catherine Alexander looks very good after he lost weight. The Director told that he fully had to change your diet and lifestyle to achieve these results. Strizhenov was replaced by meat, side dishes and bread on the greens, salads, vegetables and fruits. According to him, he did not want to eat pounds of junk food.

      Wife Strizhenov love to surprise each other. So, on the birthday of Alexander Catherine gave him the tickets to France for the European championship on football. Husband TV presenter is not far behind his wife. For her sake he was ready for anything. Despite the fact that Alexander constantly surrounded by young Actresses, he is faithful to Catherine.

      “Honestly, I am very afraid to lose her. Therefore we are transparent to each other: phones, email – all free. I always sad when break up unions for the foolish adultery. But no, the crisis is now many strangle, to hook-UPS were a surplus, now men have to get serious. I will not argue that passion lasts forever, but even after living with a man a quarter of a century, you can re-them to get involved. When I mount the painting “Grandfather of my dreams”, I suddenly saw a woman with different eyes. And – believe? – fell over again in her acting talent, beauty of women. I immediately wanted to meet her, and I sat on a rigid diet, lost a few months to 50 pounds,” admitted Strizhenov in an interview.

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