Виталий Гогунский травмировал ногу во время тренировки The artist is not warmed up before exercise and injured his knee. Thankfully, emergency ambulance call was not necessary. Near Vitaly Gogunsky turned out to be a professional who has the right to his limb.

      Виталий Гогунский травмировал ногу во время тренировки

      Most celebrities lately, hiding from the thirty-degree heat outside the city and spend time near the water. Among them was actor Vitaly Gogunsky.

      The actor decided to spend the weekend, not only basking in the sun on the banks of the Moscow river, but with the benefit of exercising. He went to summer beach club “Soho” in the New Riga. However, a healthy initiative came to Vitaly sideways.

      “Vitaly came as always positive, shook hands with all the friends in the comic form have learned, not against the people that he “let us down” a bit. Naturally, everyone responded with humor, and he went to the pool area, and stretch your muscles. It was funny, even thought that fooling around, and then began pressing on his chest and is awkward and put my foot up, and she slipped. The vorozhenie his face it was clear that he was very hurt”, – shares with “StarHit” one of the visitors to the club Maxim Shiryaev.

      The actor tried to render first aid or even to call an ambulance, but he refused. May have heard an old injury of the artist. Six years ago, Vitali injured his leg while playing football. Then, because of the condition of the actor, the writers of the TV series “Univer” even had to amend the script to Gogunsky can continue to play the role Kuzi.

      “Now I feel just fine, – shares with “StarHit” the actor Vitaly Gogunsky. – Due to the fact that I work a lot, I tend to spend very little time on the workout. And this, of course, came to fruition. Hurt my leg. Thought fracture. Next to me at the time was the Pasha of the basketball club of CSKA, who immediately understood the thing, and asked me not to touch anyone. He examined the leg and slightly shook her. The fracture was not. It’s just dislocated. All is well.”

      Recall that this is not the first time the actor is experiencing health problems. So, Gogunsky he refused to participate in the TV show “Without a net” on the First channel, as he was unable to prepare the speech on the trampoline because of a back injury. Unfortunately, the actor spent more time in the chiropractic office than on the training database.

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