Наталья Орейро пообещала поселиться в России The favorite of millions of fans around the world presented the film “Nasha Natasha” and took part in the closing ceremony of the festival, singing the song Cambio Dolor from the popular series “Wild angel”. At the disposal of “StarHit” was a unique interview with Natalia Oreiro where she talked about her impressions of Russia and future plans.

      Наталья Орейро пообещала поселиться в России

      To the great joy of fans of the Uruguayan singer and actress Natalia Oreiro visited Moscow, where he presented at the MIFF film “Nasha Natasha”, which is dedicated to her tour of Russia. To “StarHit” got an exclusive conversation star with her own fan group in the social network. Unfortunately, this visit Oreiro are unable to arrange a meeting with the fans, but promised that soon plans to live in Russia for about a month.

      A new image of Natalia Oreiro excited fans

      During the flight to Moscow Natalia took the picture with the cover on the passport “I’m Siberian”. All very interested in this photo, many thought that the star wants to obtain Russian citizenship. However, bright cover decorated paper of her native country.

      “Actually, it would have to be a Russian passport, but now it’s only a cover. I got her in one of the Siberian cities during the tour. I have a Siberian woman!” “laughs Oreiro.
      Наталья Орейро пообещала поселиться в России

      Oreiro loves Russia, so little understands and pronounces the Russian words, but admits that the language is very difficult, and it takes a lot of time to master it. “Now my dream is to learn to speak Russian, not only in dreams but also in real life,” says the singer.

      By the way, in December, Natalie plans to return to Russia with a concert, and in 2018 at all to come to our country for a long time to enjoy the beauty of the cities, in particular, to visit Sochi, where the star has a soft toy. White Olympic bear, which likes to play with her son, went to the singer after the Winter Games in 2014.

      “I really would like to know the whole of Russia. I think when the world Cup, I will stay here and I will move from town to town. It’s a good idea!”, – said Oreiro.

      Their tour through 16 cities of Russia Natalia will never forget. The Uruguay star hoped that her film “Nasha Natasha” fall in hire of the Russian cinema. “This documentary talks about how to overcome all cultural barriers and boundaries by the same person. I think it’s very important,” said the actress. Further Oreiro is planning to try yourself in the role of Director, however, tells us what she would like to remove.

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