Откровенный снимок Оксаны Федоровой под дождем вызвал фурор в Сети
40-year-old TV presenter showed perfect figure.

Oksana Fedorova

Photo: Instagram

Oksana Fedorova has published a picture that caused the furor
among her fans. Sexy and beautiful the was much discussion in
Network. And not just because the presenter is not one of those stars who loves to show off
figure in sexy swimsuits. On the contrary, Oksana rarely indulges subscribers personal
microblog with photos where she poses in revealing costumes. That’s why
the picture, which the celebrity is posing under the rain, wearing only a soaked white
the shirt caused a huge amount of positive feedback.

“What a beauty! The figure is amazing, not subtract, not
add! Oksana is beautiful, perfect and aesthetically pleasing!” — they wrote. A
become interested in how a 40-year-old star is a mother of two children,
manage to stay in such impeccable shape. This Oksana secrets
does. In an interview with 7 days, she spoke on the features of its day
diet, as well as which sport she loves the most.

According to the star, the man who many regularly
sports, diet is not needed. However, after having children, the star still
had to completely give up starchy foods. But without the sweet Fedorova to do
can’t. “Actually, I have a very simple menu. Breakfast — cottage cheese, eggs
or porridge, a Cup of coffee and one caramel. For lunch — a piece of fish with salad
and pontarelli soup, meat, vegetable but better. By the way, if you want
to lose weight, fish, meat, poultry or seafood must have with vegetables”,
— says Oksana. For dinner, the star — salad herbs (dill, parsley and
rocket salad) or vegetables (my favorite with beans) and juice. But if by evening it again
really want to eat, Fedorov can eat a piece of chicken breast,
cheese or Apple.

Workout includes exercises for the abdominal muscles,
legs and buttocks are held several times a week under the guidance of a coach.
Especially Oksana like stretching at the Barre. “You know what’s great about stretching?
First, it is perfectly develops the joints. Secondly, free from
internal clip. Finally, many women after childbirth back pain, and
stretching exercises help to get rid of this pain” — shared Fedorov.
Sports TV presenter tries to do regularly: “Even if sometimes the day is not
time, make time for activities later in the evening.”

To practice at home Fedorova prefers step-trainer. “He
by the way, the most difficult for me. And that’s good, because to lose weight, though
would times during the day to tire, to sweat and starve,” — said the artist. By the way,
together with her husband Andrei and Oksana often arranges home tournaments table
tennis which she loves since childhood.