Годовалой дочери Анастасии Стоцкой подарили бриллиантовые сережки
Before the singer set a very difficult task.

Anastasia Stotskaya with children

Anastasia Stotskaya placed under a difficult choice, giving
her infant daughter Faith birthday earrings. The singer is a serious consideration
whether to pierce the ears of baby now or better to wait. For advice she
addressed to the subscribers of the personal microblog.

“My daughter recently turned one year old, — says the singer.
— And this is a big event in the life of a little man gave us
charming earrings made of gold. Little darling diamonds-hearts immediately
attracted the attention of the baby, because we all know girls are not indifferent to everything
brilliant! But I still can’t decide when to pierce her ears…
They say that at that age a bit early. Share your experience, when and how you
pierced the ears of his girls?”

Tips fans of the actress, however, is made even more
confusion in the soul star. Some said that the need to pierce your ears immediately
others claimed that Nastya is hopelessly late, as it is best to do this until the girl was six months. Others argued that the ears
pierce in five years, as by this age, formed the tip, and
if you do it earlier the hole from the puncture “crawl” to the side. The fourth
literally screamed that such cosmetic surgery should go no earlier
adolescence or even later, when the daughter is about it
ask and it will make sense. Was quite funny reviews where, for example,
said that pierced ears only, when cherry blossoms… Like
regardless, Stotsky in any case have to make their own decision, though
based on the recommendation of friends, fans and, of course, doctors.

Birthday of Vera family decided to celebrate in Turkey. For the baby was prepared with a big celebration with balloons, birthday cake and presents. However, children’s party was marred by an unpleasant event — the big brother of the birthday girl — six-year-old Alexander suffered a broken left hand. The next day the singer came back to Moscow and asked for help in the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology.