Бывшая любовница Хью Гранта подружилась с его женой
Liz Hurley made a curious recognition.

Бывшая любовница Хью Гранта подружилась с его женой

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein


Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Although former lover Liz Hurley — Hugh Grant — married recently, the actress admitted that she is still a frequent visitor in his house. And Anna
Eberstein, new husband Hugh,
no jealous husband to Liz: Hurley managed to make friends with
wife of Grant.

As told by 52-year-old Hurley, she feels for Anna
no less ardent a sympathy, than to Hugh. “I’ve known him for a very long time — we know
for over 30 years! Grant is my oldest and
best friend. He is very happy with Anna and madly in love with their three children. And
I had Anna in the best relationships, and make friends with it
it is not difficult!” — shared Liz.

However, the fact that she kept the friendship with Grant is not the exception but rather the rule
for Hurley. As admitted Liz, she still maintains close relationships
with her ex-husband, an Indian millionaire Arun Najjar, and with the ex-boyfriend, cricketer
Shane Wornom. “Arun is still my friend, and Shane, I, too, always good to see. They left for me
people with whom I want to share everything that happens in my life. To
also, I think that we just need to maintain good relations with those with
whom I was close in the past, because the past cannot be destroyed. The past is part of us
themselves…” says Hurley.

Recall, with his only legal wife of Arun Najjar Liz divorced in 2010, and relations
with Shane, with whom she was engaged, ended in 2013. With Hugh Grant, the mistress of which she had for 13 years of her life
the path diverged in 2000. But since they are in constant contact,
we call each other and invite each other to visit. Moreover, Grant was the godfather
only son of the actress — Damian. As hinted at Hurley, now in its
life has a new man. It’s possible that she’ll introduce him to Hugh.