Больной раком Владимир Стержаков отказывает себе во всем The actor follows a strict diet. Vladimir sterjakov admits that he was forced to give up your favorite foods. Recently, he openly declared cancer. Relatives are also trying to do everything to ease his suffering.
Больной раком Владимир Стержаков отказывает себе во всем

Last week it became known that the actor Vladimir sterjakov struggling with cancer. The artist, known for his roles in such series as “Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation”, “Two destinies” and others, long time not talked about the terrible diagnosis – aware was only family and closest friends. Vladimir sterjakov first spoke about the hard struggle with cancer

Sterjakov survived six operations. However, the actor does not leave the profession. Now the man very carefully watching health. It restricts your diet and ensures that his Desk was not extra products.

“The last few years I indulge in everything. Do not eat sweets, flour, fat. Such products because it is very relaxing if you give yourself some credit, you want to eat them again, again and again. Candy to me after the performances in the theater give a lot, I suspect that they are very tasty, sometimes even with alcohol. I can handle myself, but I confess, when I look for dessert, I got the cheekbones with terrible force!” – told the artist.
Больной раком Владимир Стержаков отказывает себе во всем

Vladimir admitted that not discouraged because of the terrible diagnosis and will fight until the end. However, this attitude had not immediately – some time he thought he will use sleeping pills to avoid becoming a burden to their loved ones. But then sterjakov believe that thanks to modern medicine and care for your own body can overcome illness.

The family of the artist also tries to do everything that his health was good. They understand that Vladimir are on a diet, and therefore choose only those products that are suitable to him.

“Honey I love very much. This product I will never change. Honey is my weakness, passion, love for life! I usually buy it from one of his friend, the beekeeper. He lives in the Altai, but sometimes arrives in Moscow. That’s when he’s here, we talk on the phone, meet. Honey he is simply amazing! I add it to coffee, as well as the wife puts it in porridge, which prepares me in the morning,” admitted sterjakov in conversation with the “Source”.