Bari Alibasov was severely denounced for the conflict with the ex-participant of group “on-On”

Бари Алибасова жестоко осудили за конфликт с экс-участником группы «На-на» For the second day in a row, viewers discuss the quarrel between the famous producer and Vladimir lukinym. Among those who decided to speak out about the incident, was Yuri Loza and Stas Sadalsky. In their opinion, the Bari Alibasov have behaved unworthily.
Бари Алибасова жестоко осудили за конфликт с экс-участником группы «На-на»

Last weekend in the program “Hello, Andrew!” channel “Russia 1” there was a skirmish between Bari by Alibasova and a former member of the “on-On” Vladimir Levkin. The producer blamed the contractor that it still uses the popular brand of the group. However, Levkin denied the veracity of statements Alibasov said that has nothing to do with his wards.

Bari Alibasov wants to sue Vladimir Levkin

Broadcast with the participation of former colleagues has provoked a heated debate on the Network. The audience was divided into two camps – one sided of Bari Karimovich, and others, on the contrary, defended Vladimir. The producer continued to be indignant on social networks.

“For several years, voiceless and deaf to the music Levkin robbing the public, declaring himself in the posters group “on-On”. Even puts her helpless “singing” to the Internet! It’s called “robbery”! Be something like in Europe or America, he’d be in prison,” wrote Alibasov after the broadcast in the microblog.
Бари Алибасова жестоко осудили за конфликт с экс-участником группы «На-на»

The opinion of Bari Karimovich has divided not all of his colleagues. The controversial actor Stanislav Sadalsky has devoted to the incident in the transfer of a post in LiveJournal. An event the actor described as the “awful horror”.

“It is a pity that the soloists during the monologue, Karabas-Alibaba silent and quietly betrayed a colleague… Bari, as the leader, it is permissible to say… the Theater is built, as Stanislavski said, on the trampled egos acting. But it is not necessary to the founder of “on-On” was to get angry, anger is bad quality on the screen,” – said the actor.
Бари Алибасова жестоко осудили за конфликт с экс-участником группы «На-на»

Yuri Loza read the article Sadalsky and also decided to share my opinion on the conflict between Alibasova and levchinym. Singer of the hit “the Raft” considers that the producer was being rude.

“I have already explained that the main qualities of the administrator are brehlivost, the ability to beat Ponte and sell weak performers for the big money. Alibasov undoubtedly a professional, and therefore has all the these “advantages” to the fullest. But additionally it is extremely duplicitous and unscrupulous — that was demonstrated on the aforementioned TV show,” – said the singer.

Vine said that when Levkin worked in the group “on-On”, a fully staged alibasova and did not cause any complaints. “But as soon as it came to financial intersections, was immediately accused by the administrator in a complete incompetent, the absence of hearing and voice, dementia and all the deadly sins, besides called many bad words. Accordingly, all sitting in the Studio thinking — and maybe Bari and us Lisp based only on commercial interests?” – shared the artist.

The jury also called for the shooting of the program “Hello, Andrew,” but he refused, because he didn’t want to face the producer of “na-na”. “I do not go to the transmission where there may be Alibasov that worked with him for more than five years and enough communicated with him”, – said the Vine.