Olga Buzova was accused of disrespect to the fans after the scandal in Ufa

Ольгу Бузову обвинили в неуважении к поклонникам после скандала в Уфе Over the weekend, the television personality and aspiring singer was in the capital of Bashkortostan. Fans of Olga Buzova was delighted with the long-awaited meeting with idol. The concert, however, celebrity has passed not so smoothly as you think.
Ольгу Бузову обвинили в неуважении к поклонникам после скандала в Уфе

Sunday was held in Ufa concert presenter and an aspiring singer Olga Buzova. The event was held in one of the malls of the capital of Bashkortostan. From wanting to get to the performance of the stars lined up a huge queue. Fans were looking forward to the day when they will finally be taken to the site to see and hear their favorite.

Olga warned visitors about the fact that her appearance on the stage is delayed due to cause beyond its control. Celebrity attributed the delay to technical reasons. In the end, the concert Buzova started after a half an hour after the designated time. Not all local residents quietly accepted the change to the start of the event. One of the fans of Olga fainted. TV star noticed that the girl became ill, and asked the guard to take her to the dressing room. After a while Buzova went to visit the fan.

Ольгу Бузову обвинили в неуважении к поклонникам после скандала в Уфе

However, some questioned the sincerity of Olga. According to them, a celebrity lied to fans, stating technical reasons for the delay of the concert. So, local television personality and socialite Eugenia Mashko, who heads the channel, acted as a co-organizer of the concert Buzova in Ufa, was dissatisfied with her behavior. The blonde even changed the post, which reported on the arrival of the stars “House-2”.

“Abusefree real! Sitting in the dressing room, smokes hookah and does make, when children wait an hour and a half. (…) At the same time blatantly lie in stories that the concert was delayed for technical reasons! The site was finished in 15 hours! Her team waited until they sleep it off in the room after a night at the “House-2″. Posts about children-fans and she appreciates them – lies! A girl with a disability 2.5 hours waiting to take a picture, and she did not even came out! My heart flooded with blood,” wrote a businesswoman in the microblog.

Not all subscribers Mashko supported her in the comments. Some recalled that many stars do not start playing on time. “You so speak, because the children there? No one is asked to spend money and to go there! And to sit and write about what poor kids were waiting, etc. is from the series “I’m a mother.” Then you have to sit at home and do not buy tickets,” shared one of the wearer Instagram.

Olga herself did not react to the statement of Eugenia Mashko. The familiar star thanked fans after the gig and said goodbye to them. By the way, initially show Buzova was held in the ice complex “Ufa-arena”, but then it was moved to a less spacious pad. According to some, tickets for the event are not sold as actively as the organizers hoped.