Cancer Vadim Mulerman deprivation abroad

Больной раком Вадим Мулерман терпит лишения за границей The artist is struggling with illness in a rented apartment. 78-year-old Vadim Mulerman receives a pension. He admits that his wife Svetlana is doing everything to provide for his family. Woman working four jobs to feed the family.
Больной раком Вадим Мулерман терпит лишения за границей

Singer Vadim Mulerman gained incredible popularity in the 60-ies. He performed with such legendary hits as “Harmony”, “the Coward does not play hockey”, “Eastern song” and many others. However, in the early 90’s he emigrated to USA where he lives to this day. The man admits that in exile he has hard times – along with third wife Svetlana Litvinova he rents an apartment in new York, in the district of Brooklyn. Despite the fact that the man – a native Muscovite, to return to the capital nowhere: here he has nowhere to live. Vadim Mulerman said that his apartment was sold, and now he’s with an aunt of his ex-wife, singer Veronika Kruglova.

The legendary singer and his wife told me about life in the United States. They rented a small one bedroom apartment. Nevertheless, the house is equipped with everything necessary. Despite the fact that Mulerman and his wife have to pay substantial, in their view, the amount they realize that while nothing can not do.

“$1700 for wall, phone, the TV separately. Didn’t think so expensive, but nowhere to go, – said Vadim Iosifovich.
Больной раком Вадим Мулерман терпит лишения за границей

The legendary singer also said that now his life and health depends on doctors and relatives. A couple of years ago, he underwent surgery and is now under the supervision of medical professionals.

“I had an aneurysm. An operation immediately, then another and a third. Cancer was on the face, cut transplanted. Fused is not very good, offers plastics and plastic who’s going to do. I all the time under the supervision of doctors. The entire burden on the shoulders Sutinah,” said the man.

Spouse Mulerman 32 years younger than him. The man recognized that no longer works and receives a pension, so she will have to work hard to provide for his family.

“The tears rolled, there are moments of heavy, then cry. Understand that no one will help much. I took responsibility for the health of her husband. Four works, four or five hours. It is necessary to cross at one, dine, travel”, shared the difficult situation a woman.

Now the couple has two children – 19-year-old Marina and 14-year-old Emilia. Also Mulerman has a daughter, Ksenia, who was born in the marriage with Veronica Kruglova. She also lives in USA with my mom. Vadim I. waiting for help from the only heirs.

“The cost is very high, all hope for children. Light around, everything will be okay, and I quietly leave,” admitted the legendary singer.