Maria Odoevtseva hinted at a second pregnancy

Мария Адоевцева намекнула на вторую беременность Ex-participant of “House-2” said that dreams about the baby. Maria Odoevtseva shared with subscribers microblog innermost thought. She published a post in which he admitted that he plans to have another child.

One prominent member of telestroke Maria Odoevtseva always willing to share with the fans details of his life. In addition to happened to her stories, the young woman easily tells users of the social network of their own feelings and emotions. So, on the eve beauty posted in “Instagram” photograph in the company of baby. In the caption, the star spoke about the cherished dream.

“Happiness is what we rolled! Sorry, just for the evening. But how much nostalgia and excitement! The little chest came to stay while mommy had urgent business leave. Here also had all the skills to remember how it was with the diapers and bottles, and diapers, and give expressed breast milk instead of breast! In General, my daughter was Babysitting enough, little brother wanted all the more. An angel now sleeps the sweet sleep, and sit on it quietly admire and dream of how great it would be to get hold of another”, – has signed post Maria.

The followers of the former contestants of the reality show decided to support the desire of pet. They hurried to leave kind words in the comments to the post celebrities and asked her to delay the second pregnancy. In addition, some of them even suggested that she is already expecting a child.

“Masha, give birth to the defender of his princesses”, “You are a wonderful mother! I sincerely wish you more babies!”, “So nice to see a happy you! All the best to your family!”, “I sincerely wish that God sent you another baby!”, “It’s time for you beautiful boy to by in the hospital!”, “Are you happy like that! And maybe already have something to boast about?” – I wrote to subscribers Odoevtseva.

Recall now that the star is in a solid relationship with her lover Michael. The couple has two girls: heiress of Mary from his first marriage – Lisa, the daughter of a male barbarian. Probably, young people are already thinking about adding to the family. However, the woman enjoys intercourse with young girls what is often writes in the microblog. In her confession, children, love and understanding are the most important things in the world. Maria Odoevtseva found a new family

By the way, at the present time the family is preparing for a joint summer vacation. They plan to spend three wonderful months on the nature near the river and Park area. Mary is sure that it will be one of the best vacations in her life because it will pass near the closest people.