The father of Maria Maksakova is trying to reconcile her with her mother

Отец Марии Максаковой пытается помирить ее с матерью A popular singer who is going through an extremely difficult period, talked about the relationship with loved ones. At the moment, the artist does not communicate with Lyudmila Maksakova, but regularly calls up with Peter Igenbergs.
Отец Марии Максаковой пытается помирить ее с матерью

Opera diva Maria Maksakova, which is experiencing a severe loss of her husband, continues to be the center of attention of the public. Recently, the singer was surprised by the change of image – now she is the owner of a stylish short haircut. Many fans have noted that emaciated Mary to face similar experiments with style. Despite the death of a loved one, the artist tries to hold on and not show their emotions in public.

Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy

The actress recently told reporters about life after tragic events. According to Mary, at the moment it does not communicate with the mother, but regularly gets in touch with the father. The actress admits that she’s not comfortable with the situation. Resonant phrase Lyudmila Maksakova about Denis Boronenkov touched the singer for a living.

“It’s very sad, and the father worries. I talk, of touch. His mother communicates with me. He wants us to reconcile. It will take time, and probably calms down the emotions and resentment that the mother in me stirred up,” – shared the actress.

Earlier in the program “Let them talk” Stanislav Sadalsky, which communicates with the mother of the singer Lyudmila Maksakova, appealed to the performer. “You know, at the time, television was a movie “Dima, call mom”. I want Mary to simply say: “Call mom,” said the actor in a talk show.

In turn, the celebrated singer noted that she is sad about the deterioration of relations with the parent. However, Mary is still unable to forgive her. However, the star said that Lyudmila Vasilyevna very much gave her. “I still love her. But, unfortunately, there are steps and actions that make impossible my communication with her. This does not negate my love” – shared the Maksakova.

Later Sadalsky wrote on his blog that the mother of the singer heard her words in the edition of the program devoted to “Eurovision”. “Lyudmila Maksakova asked my daughter in Kiev do not misinterpret the phrase of Leo Tolstoy,” said the man. After some time he shared a poem relating to the topic of difficult relationships between fathers and children. Maria Maksakova were not to the liking of the statements of the actor, in which he advises her what to do. In the course of a conversation with the correspondent the singer has made it clear that it is very unpleasant such arguments.

Maria Maksakova harsh comments about Stanislav Sadalsky

We also add that many fans of Maria Maksakova interested, when it will please their new songs. In a recent interview with reporters, the actress said that he plans to return to the stage. The singer has scheduled performances in Europe, but she is in no hurry to share the details of their plans for security reasons, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.