Бузова совершила роковую ошибку при выборе бикини

The presenter went on vacation to Singapore, where daily published candid photos in a swimsuit. One of her chosen models were not too successful and even caused a flurry of comments from fans of the stars.

Olga Buzova has increasingly come under harsh criticism by his fans. The star has repeatedly accused of plagiarism and lack of taste. In addition, subscribers to its “Instagram” are not tired to discuss it, and physical data. At the same time there was criticism Buzova Breasts, which, in the opinion of her fans, is far from ideal. In fact, one glance at the scandalous has become clear that it is not in the chest, and in the wrong swimsuit.

In the picture, taken at a luxury hotel in Singapore, Olga Buzova appeared in a white one piece bathing suit with a very deep neckline and the sexy black lace-up bodice. Small Breasts, happy owner of which is Buzova, not a flaw. Should just learn how to emphasize her beauty. Judging by the thousands of negative comments, Olga is not too good. “Breast is awful,” “I understand, when the Breasts are small, but it’s supposed to be. And there is nothing at all like 8-year-old girl”, “With that kind of money can be increased!” – do not let ill-subscribers.

Incorrectly matched bikini was a fatal mistake for Olga and for her haters – one good reason to make fun of her. Meanwhile, if the presenter has followed two simple rules, negativity under her beach shots could have been avoided. First, a little breast contraindicated deep cutouts and lacing: these items are designed to emphasize the seductive curves. In the case of small Breasts and they lose all their meaning and functionality. Secondly, the girls with small Breasts, as Olga Buzova, should give preference to models of swimwear with hard Cup. Not necessarily while wearing tons of foam, because even a thin layer has an excellent ability to adjust the shape of the breast and make it more attractive.

One thought on “Buzova made a fatal mistake when selecting a bikini”
  1. Well I think she looks fantastic! Great figure and t he hair is good – I love the braids. The bathing suit is great too and it shows her breasts which look wonderful even though they are small. I like small breast so I like that they are not hidden by cups or foam or other materials. For me the person who invented cups for breasts should be punished because with cups all breasts look similar and there is nothing to see.

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