Do as Kim: Nicole Kidman came out without underwear

Делай как Ким: Николь Кидман вышла в свет без белья

Hollywood actress was supported by the “naked” trend, actively promoted by Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart, and appeared at a social event without underwear.

Nicole Kidman has never been a passion for over-exposure. However, things are changing: recently, the star came to the new York premiere of “Genius” in a sheer lace dress. It seems that Nicole decided to take a cue from Kim Kardashian

Делай как Ким: Николь Кидман вышла в свет без белья

On the red carpet, Kidman appeared in luxurious black outfit, made of transparent tulle with embroidery and sequins. The most interesting places were covered with small pieces of fabric. On closer examination it turned out that the actress decided to completely ignore the bra, but panties still could not refuse. It was found that under an evening gown the star wore a tiny bodily Thong-thread, which created the effect of a naked body.

It is worth noting, in the “naked” outfit Nicole Kidman looked though very unusual, but very elegant. She complemented the set with a pair of diamond earrings and black shoes with thin straps.

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