But worries about the man she loved

Певица Слава переживает за любимого мужчину The actress promises to be the next chosen one, no matter what. Singer Slava said that her lover Anatoly Danilinho this is not the easiest period in my life. The singer made it clear to the father of his daughter that he can always count on her support.

Singer Anastasia Slanevskaya, known by his stage name Glory, for many years, is in a relationship with businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy. Together the couple is raising a daughter Antonina.

30 APR favorite male vocalist celebrates his birthday. Thank touching congratulated Anatoly date in his microblog, publicly confessing to father his heir in the most sincere feelings. The singer hinted that her lover is going through is not the easiest period in life, and promised that she would be beside him even in a critical situation.

“Today is the birthday of my loved one! Tolya, I love you very much! Thank you for everything, everything, everything! Let you all will be well, and let your friends you’re only friends, not enemies! I dream about it. I see how hard this is and I am very worried about you. You know, whatever happens, I’ll always be, my favorite, honest, kind, decent man. Tolya, happy birthday!” the singer wrote Thank.

Subscribers stars delighted with this recognition coming from the heart. They believe that such lines can write only a truly loving woman. “I join in the congratulations! Mental picture!”, “So I can only say the person who loves”, “well Done, Glory! You are a very loyal people, there are very few now left! And husband’s birthday, his health and happiness to you”, “happy birthday! Your love is an example to many!” – so reacted to a post of Glory fans.

Recall that at the end of last year Slanevskaya Anastasia said that she and her boyfriend decided to get married. The wedding date, the singer announced, saying that it will take place this year.

Recently, the actress became increasingly share with the beloved in social networks. In the future Glory is planning to have another child. The singer is dreaming about the boy. “I think! But for this we need not only to think. To do! While it is impossible”, – jokingly said not so long ago Glory.

Singer was already married to Konstantin Morozov, however, their Union did not last long. Fame is raising her daughter Sasha, who was born in her first marriage. Girl 18 years old, and she grew up real pretty. Sasha is “Instagram” and is popular with fans. The daughter of singer Glory stripped on a foreign beach