Rome Pendzhiev stirred a photo in a bikini

Рима Пенджиева взбудоражила фотографией в бикини The star of “House-2” has shared a racy picture on Instagram. Rome Pendzhiev posted the photo in the microblog, which appeared in skimpy lingerie and red lipstick on.

Recently, the celebrity has pleased fans of erotic shots showing all the charm of the figure of the brunette. Pictures were taken during a vacation at the Dead sea, where the girl is clearly not ashamed of his rounded shapes, posed in a two-piece in front of the camera lens. Then fans of the former participants of telestone admitted that did not expect such freedom from of pet and accepted this bold publication star. Users of the social network noted that Rome looks luxurious.

The star of “House-2” Rome Pendzhiev bare on the beach

Now beauty has published a picture made on the beach, and in bed, where the celebrity stood with evening makeup and heels. Pendzhiev complements relaxed way bright lipstick, making the photo even more spicy. To post the girl attached a few lines from the poem.

“I consist of body and soul.
They are two different sisters…
Soul whispers: “do Not sin!”
And the body wants strawberries…”

This time the followers of the stars as well happy new intriguing frame in the account of a young woman. They expressed their admiration of curvy celebrities and decided not to hide the emotion caused by the hot pictures.

“Pretty woman”, “Fire”, “Rimosa, elegant, fire, hot!”, “Not a woman, but a dream!”, “Wow! Luxurious girl!”, “Romochka, you’re amazing! You are very sexy! A Charmer!”, “You’re so beautiful and your features, as an example of youthful beauty. Warmth you’re full. You’re exclusive, so you’re the one!” commented on fans of the publication.

Interestingly, bright brunette absolutely no attention to negative comments, which is rare, but meet the profile of her “Instagram”. To the comments and criticism from detractors she always finds what to answer, and most importantly she does not doubt their sexuality and attractiveness. In the account of Pengawas periodically appear images of an erotic nature, which the ex-participant of the popular TV show feels very confident. In addition, the model tries to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day.

“No time today. Tomorrow will not have the power, and the day after will not be us. Nothing do not delay – live now!” – divided Rome important thoughts with your subscribers.