Anastasia Kochetkova has shared details of a secret wedding

Анастасия Кочеткова поделилась деталями тайной свадьбы A graduate of the fourth “American idol” told about the feelings to a narrowing. In celebration of the first anniversary of a happy marriage Anastasia Kochetkova posted in “Instagram” video, which captures the moment of registration of the wedding singer and her lover Angela Lara.

Anastasiya Kochetkova is not often talks devoted admirers of his work details his personal life. Perhaps that is why users of the social network was so delighted when the long awaited clip featuring idol and her husband. Video beloved utter the cherished “Yes” and give each other vows of eternal love. The naked eye can see that the groom and the bride truly happy and unable to contain a joyful and exciting emotions. This, incidentally, says little confusion Angela: new husband for a moment forgot what his jacket pocket lay a wedding ring. But, fortunately, She immediately came to his aid.

“One year ago I became the luckiest wife in the world! Thank you for an amazing and beautiful life that we’re together! I love you my Miguel angel Lara! – said the girl in the signature for publication.

Interestingly, the couple tied the knot a year ago, but to share with fans touching moments with this wonderful event young wife decided just now. Worth noting is the devotion of the followers Kochetkova. They are not offended by the secrecy of the stars, but rather supported the girl and wished her mate a long and happy life.

“Congratulations! Beautiful couple! Beautiful people!”, “How pleasant to the heart to look at you! Be happy for many years!”, “NASTEN, congratulations on your first year, love each other!”, “Be happy! You deserve!”, “Ahhh! Oh, okay! Mathew, sweetie, you of all people deserve this great happiness! Be happy! Love you huge understanding! And, of course, childrenof more! Kiss!” commented subscribers post of the singer.

In addition, fans of the ex-fabrikantki wished her to celebrate many anniversaries with her beloved husband, and asked often to put photos together. However, the young woman and tries so hard to share with her fans on Instagram of the cute details of family life. So, on the eve of happy Nastya and angel celebrated another great event – the birthday of the head of the family. In honor of the occasion she posted a blog the boyfriend and, as always, were generous with kind and sincere words addressed to the beloved. In addition to congratulations, a celebrity once again publicly admitted to believing in higher senses.

“My beloved angel, baby, My beloved husband, has a birthday today! Happy birthday, my angel! I love you with all my heart!” signed Kochetkova.