Busta explained why his wife accepts his “mistresses”

Баста объяснил, почему жена принимает его «любовниц» The choice of the artist respects his personal space. The musician calls his beloved recording Studio, where it hits. According to his wife, Basta, she was sympathetic to the fact that to write music for him is like breathing.

      Rapper Busta has long established itself as family-oriented. The musician happily married to the daughter of an influential businessman Dmitry Pinsky and Elena brings in the marriage of two charming daughters – Mary and Victoria. Those who follow the daily life of the artist, you know how important his family and well-being in the house. Vasily Vakulenko (Basta real name – Approx. “StarHit”) firmly believe that nothing is more precious than the happiness of loved ones. However, music also has for him of great importance, and this has to be reconciled to his wife.

      “It’s hard for me to sit at home: always needs something to do, somewhere to go, write music… I even bought a Studio built. When you start to write a new album, the wife grabs the heart, says Basta. But I can’t live differently, and I am grateful to Lena that she understands and accepts. She knows that anything is wrong, I, as they say, not doing. My “mistress” is a Studio. One cottage, the other in the city. ‘All “mistresses” wife knows”.

      By the way, wife celebrities have learned to accept the fact of life of the man she loved and was sympathetic to his desire to constantly create. That is why in their family there are no conflicts due to the lack of Basil at home, constant touring and recording new songs. “I understand that to write music for him is like breathing, – said Elena Pinsky. – We’re on vacation when you’re out just a few days, take the MIDI-keyboard”.

      Speaking of companion, that’s that focuses on so-called “weather in the house”, which is his favorite poses. Rapper eternally grateful mother of his children for the situation to which he returns again and again. “My wife is a special category. I can’t rationally explain why we became a family. When in a relationship there’s something a sane, logical – this is not love, this lose interest. As in any good song, you listen to her and feel the magic. In my family, in a good song, there is magic. Thanks to Lena for this,” said the musician in an interview with HELLO!.