Evgeny Rudnev met the birthday in a hospital bed

Евгений Руднев встретил день рождения на больничной койке The star of the reality show “Dom-2” has operated. Evgeny Rudnev decided to treat the old injury which gave him no rest for several years. The man hopes that at the end of the week will go home.

      Евгений Руднев встретил день рождения на больничной койке

      Famous participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Eugene Rudnev today celebrates his birthday. However, the man marks a solemn date at a noisy party, and in the hospital. Eugene had surgery on his nose, so the best thing for him as soon as possible to restore health. As it turned out, the surgery he needed due to an old injury, which kept him quiet for a long time.

      “When I was 16 years old, in a fight I broke his nose. Then I did not pay special attention. However, it became difficult to breathe, constantly had drops. Now I have decided to improve their health and turned to the surgeons. For half an hour I straightened septum, expanded sinuses,” – said Eugene “StarHit”.
      Евгений Руднев встретил день рождения на больничной койке

      Rudnev said that surgery lasted only 30 minutes. In total he was in surgery for about an hour while he had General anesthesia. Despite the fact that the man only yesterday he was under the surgeon’s knife, today he feels quite cheerful, although not hide that he was not in the best condition.

      “All night I didn’t sleep, I had a temperature of – the hot throw, then froze. Had a headache, it was hard to move around. I could barely walk – has drawn on the wall”, – said Rudnev.

      The fans were very concerned about the health of a former participant of a reality show. They supported Rudnev and wished him a speedy recovery. Eugene hopes that the rehabilitation period will take place without complications. He expects that tomorrow he will take the blindfold off, and at the end of the week he can go home. The man is happy that the help of doctors will allow it to breathe and not depend on medicines.

      Despite the fact that the operation took place on the eve of his birthday, Eugene did not despair, because next to him this day is his beloved Elena. She was able to throw him a little surprise in a Moscow clinic. A girl organized a small dinner in a private room Rudnev. Elena decided to please his beloved pizza. He was pleased that in this difficult period his fiancee were able to leave everything to be alone with him.