Burberry сжигает вещи, Versace делает самый длинный снимок, Crocs берется за каблуки: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе

Advertising campaign Versace

Summer is in full swing, but preparations for the new season is in full swing. While in Miami a Week passed beach fashion, brands, one after another released a new campaign for the season autumn-winter. About the most interesting news in our digest.

1. The longest photograph by Versace

Usually filming is carefully selected and the models still need to be overcome for the right to become the face of the brand. And the Italian fashion house decided to surprise the audience with unusual campaign — to participate in the filming of the invited 54 models!

Nestled shoulder to shoulder, they symbolize inclusiveness — the main value of the creative Director of the fashion house Donatella Versace. Creative Director advertising campaign was made by Ferdinando Verderi, and the author of the picture became legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel. The campaign starred Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Vittoria, Cerutti, Chris Griceite Chanel Nieces and others.All those people who believe that fashion is not just to say “look at me” and say “look at me: I have something to say,” said Donatella Versace.

2. Watching you: the Italian designer has released a lookbook in the style of Google Street View

Gio Forbis, known for having created shoes for Fenty x Puma released this year pret-a-Porte with his new label, For the Memory of a Lifetime. The lookbook turned out to match the name — photos taken by photographer Jordan Hemingway in London, look like random screenshots from street surveillance cameras.

The model is not posing in front of the lens, and sealed for a variety of classes: there is kissing in the phone booth, someone is sad hugging a lamppost, someone climbs in the window. In the network the campaign has been dubbed the most frightening. However, this style of spying is not new. This year two fashion brand — Yeezy and Balenciaga released a campaign inspired by the pictures of the paparazzi.

3. Trendy life hack is a bathing suit out of duct tape.

The passage feeding the baby models on the catwalk has caused mixed reactions among the public on Week beach fashion in Miami. But it was not the only surprise. Apparently, the boldest fashionistas will soon be able to go for new things not in the boutiques, and to store construction materials.

On the show, Black Tape Project models were dressed in bikinis, where scraps of fabric replaced the pieces of adhesive tape. The provocative imagery is Joel Alvarez — designer specializiruetsya on a “mosaic” clothes. Previously, he has created a swimwear made of thin gold plates — their designer also presented during the show. Your art project the artist launched in 2018 and quickly gained popularity on his page in Instagram signed by more than 270 thousand people.

4. Neon dreams, drag Queen, and Sarah Paulson in the new video from Prada

Fashion trends for autumn-winter period by means of audiovisual art presented and the Italian brand Prada. Videos submitted by photographer Willy Vanderperre, gone in the night Las Vegas. Four-minute movie immerses the viewer in the mysterious atmosphere of Noir films, while the main character travels through painted neon signage flashes of darkness.

Sarah Paulson showed the full range of his acting talent — in the video she transforms in several characters, among which the waitress, an employee of the theater, and even Marilyn Monroe. In the role of film star and sex symbol of the 60’s made, and drag-Queen violet Chachki. The video also starring model Amanda Murphy. Sarah Paulson, who has long been a fan of Prada, the shooting began a thrilling and exciting event.
Wearing clothes from Prada has always been the easiest way to Express yourself, all the facets of a personality. Therefore to receive an invitation to participate in this original and expressive film that allows you to look at all aspects of femininity, that was a really exciting moment, — shared her impressions the actress.

5. Adwoa, Aboa, Georgia may Jagger and Elle fanning in the new campaign for Miu Miu

As the inspiration for the autumn / winter collection Miu Miu steel 50-s, 60-s and 80-ies, and the campaign it was decided to remove metrontario on a background of plush furniture, screens and old-fashioned vases. Hair and makeup of models is also performed according to the fashion of those years.

In the photo session also participated sister Adwoa Aboa Kesava and actress Rowan Blanchard. The author of the shooting became a British photographer Alasdair McLellan, earlier repeatedly collaborated with Miu Miu. Recall, the brand is not the first time Actresses are attracted to the presentations of their collections. On the show of cruise collections in late June on the catwalk walked Chloe sevigny, Kate Bosworth, Sadie sink, Gwendoline Christie and Uma Thurman.

6. After the show — burn! Burberry has destroyed goods worth 38 million dollars

In the media appeared information that the amount liquidated for the year of unsold products had already reached $ 38 million. The British newspaper the Times estimated that this figure is equivalent to about 20 thousand legendary trenches. Over the last five years, the brand has destroyed his own creations in excess of one billion dollars.

The brand itself explains that the protection of intellectual property and the fight against illegal sales because unsold things can get on the black market at reduced prices.

Burberry сжигает вещи, Versace делает самый длинный снимок, Crocs берется за каблуки: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе Collection Burberry autumn/winter 2018

7. Crocs has released high heel shoes

Who has ever dreamed of a comfortable shoes with heels? Afraid of their desires, because Crocs can fulfill them! The brand, famous for rubber Slippers, decided to expand the range of its products. In a recognizable rough design can now be purchased high heel shoes — sandals Cyprus V is already available for order amazon.com for $ 225.

Netizens are left in disbelief of the news.
The heels from Crocs?! It’s definitely a sign that the end times are close! Recall, this is not the first rebirth of the classic model from Crocs. A variant on the massive platform was previously presented by Damna what they entered in the spring collection of this year from the Balenciaga and was first presented during the show of the brand at fashion Week in Paris in October last year.

Burberry сжигает вещи, Versace делает самый длинный снимок, Crocs берется за каблуки: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе