Мода в Instagram: 10 ливанских дизайнеров, которые меняют представление о восточной моде

Want to feel like a Princess — go to the Lebanese designers. This rule is already learned all the ladies. No gowns from Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad not do, perhaps no other social event. Their outfits no wonder I love Hollywood actress and bride all over the world. Embroidery, rhinestones, chiffon wander from collection to collection, but feminine dress is still not tired of clients brands. Whether prevails over all Lebanese designers is a spell of cuteness? SPLETNIK.RU gathered Instragram feeds where you can see another Lebanese fashion.

1. Nicolas Jebran

43-year-old Nicolas Gibran childhood was fascinated by the art and fashion turned out to be his best means of expression than canvas and paint. Chiffon and glitter, of course, are found in his collections, but it is a compromise with short-term rules, where without these, evening wear seem to do not. Bright colors, contrasting combinations, Baroque patterns and avant-garde geometry — all in dresses from Gibran. In his outfits on the scene and j-Lo, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner chooses its bright mini-dresses for parties.

Like any artist, designer looking for inspiration in everything from nature to architecture. His dress is not known to tell tales, interpreted many times, they invent new and unique history.

2. Rami Kadi

Rami Kadi was born in America, but most of the youth were spent in Lebanon. In Beirut, he opened his first boutique in 2011 at the age of just 25 years. And three years later he began to present their collections at the fashion Week in Paris. The style Kadi is a melting pot of Eastern and Western traditions, seasoned with his interest in old craft techniques. Long a-shaped silhouettes of the dresses are decorated with patterns reminiscent of motley Oriental rugs.

Extravagant combinations of prints and unusual cut has formed a signature style of Kadi. After graduating from the renowned fashion school ESMOD, he worked with his famous compatriot in Rabigh with Kirusa. That, incidentally, is also in her collections gives preference to urban planning, not fairy tales.

3. Hussein Bazaza

28-year-old Hussein Basaza from Beirut too, at first practice was held at the Rabigh of Kirusa, and then worked with Elie Saab. And today he himself called the second Elie Saab. Hussein admits that as a child dreamed of becoming a Director, and is now beginning work on a collection that creates a fairy tale — he even has an imaginary friend. But tales from Hussein to be quite modern and very bright. From childhood, Hussein loved to draw with colored pencils, and this passion, it seems, has a strong influence on his images. In the collections of the often motley combination of colors, ornaments and decorative finish, similar to illustration. On transparent bodices Hussein puts bright applique to black and white images adds labels and uses the colorful scraps of leather to create clothing. His first couture collection the designer presented at fashion Week Altamoda in Rome in 2016.

4. Azzi and Osta

His successful start in the fashion industry George conjuration and Assad OST is also in part due Elie Saab. 18 months both designers worked on the positions of his assistants, and then, having gained experience, established our own brand.

But inspired young designers and their families. Conjuration grandma was a seamstress, and growing up, the future designer was a passionate collector of crafts from scraps of colorful fabrics and his colleague perfectionism in closet instilled a mom who sewed her dress.

Influence of refined female taste and aesthetics Elie Saab can be traced in the collections of Azzi & Osta, but inspired by this Oriental tale, fashion designers create still elegant outfits for modern women. Original decorative elements in the form of a swirling layers of fabric, reminiscent of flower buds, typical dresses, draped pants, graphic clean lines — each result is unique and memorable. These clothes can go that which no longer believes in fairy tales, but creates them herself.

5. Nour Najem

Nour Najem was born and raised in Beirut, where in 2012 she graduated from the fashion school ESMOD. Your girlfriend brand was founded a year later. A soft a-line silhouettes, saturated colors, geometric accents and a blend of modern trends in minimalism with craft techniques such as weaving, set the tone for her collections. Weightless translucent fabric combined with thick textured materials, relaxed raw edges complement the subtle decorative netting. The loose cut, the absence of a pronounced emphasis on the waist, natural fabrics — beauty here in the first place naturalness and comfort.

His clothes Nur creates at the junction of the memories of the past, full of images arising from prababushkin stories and lost folk traditions, and looking to the future, where the woman herself becomes a legend and makes history.

6. Sandra Mansour

Sandra Mansour was born and raised in Switzerland, but about his Lebanese roots never forgotten. After training in Geneva, she went to Lebanon to learn the skill of handling expensive fabrics in the Atelier of Elie Saab. In 2010, she opened his own workshop in Beirut. Western pragmatism and Eastern luxury, in harmony in the collections of Sandra — rich embroidery and solid trim combined with comfortable and contemporary fit. Dresses from Sandra — a brilliant work of art, sometimes in the literal sense of the word. As prints she uses pattern combines applique with lace, creating outfits that on the one hand look like the costumes for “Alice in Wonderland”, and on the other quite capable to make you the star of the party in reality.

Today, Sandra in addition to a line of pret-a-porter launches wedding collection. So, in a dress from Mansur to marry the Prince of Hanover Ernst August Junior left Ekaterina Malysheva.

7. Ziad Ghanem

If some have grown up in Western society, fashion designers return for inspiration to their historic homeland, a Lebanese, Ziad Ghanem, on the contrary, moved to London in search of identity. His aesthetics fully meets modern trends that are gaining popularity in fashion, like the secondary use of tissues and careful attitude to resources. To create their collections Ziad often wears clothes from second-hand stores. The outfits from Ghanem get quite a rebellious and punk — become free of the London spirit.

In one of my dresses you can find Versus, M&S, Laura Ashley, Junior Gaultier, Gap and a vintage Sex Pistols t-shirt,

— says the designer about their creations.

To create couture dresses Ziad appeals to the more sophisticated silhouettes while retaining the elegance in its purest form. Fitted styles and embroidery give a modern look with acid shades like light green. Light beige fabric reminiscent of the paper on which the master of painting a thin pen painted ornaments and paintings.

8. Nour Hage

30-year-old Haji Noor studied fashion in Paris and worked with Damir Doma. CNN included her in a list of five Lebanese designers who are changing the way the Lebanese fashion industry. The clothes makes Nur really different from what we’ve come to associate with typical Lebanese flavour. There is not covered with embroidery hems or delicate translucent fabrics. The designer relies on comfortable cut, textures, and restrained colors. Nur she admitted that inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic world view of wabi-Sabi, which celebrates the unassuming simplicity and genuineness.

9. threeASFOUR

Brand threeASFOUR true cosmopolitan in the fashion world. At the origins of the brand were three designers: Gabi Asfour from Lebanon, Angela, Donhauser from Tajikistan, and ADI Gil from Israel. Settled international team in new York. It is not surprising that their aesthetic quest trio focuses on the study of problems of perception and cultural coexistence. Balancing between fashion and art, designers create extravagant futuristic outfits, using sophisticated decorative elements and placing the form in the head of their creative research. Oversized, the many details, dresses similar to architectural design or strange mechanisms — all these threeASFOUR.

Our signature style is to create things with a focus on beauty and innovation,

— designers describe their collections.

Some of the outfits trio has been exhibited in major museums around the world such as the Victoria and albert Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of art.

10. Remi Sabbah

Born in Lebanon Remi Sabbah in his professional career decided to retire from all the fashion capitals and chose his new home Cyprus. In 2011 she founded her brand Mademoiselle Epaulette. At this point, the designer has managed to learn journalism and fashion in Paris and Milan. Passion for the fashion world also started Remi in the childhood — her father was engaged in the organization of shows and took little daughter backstage. However, at some point, all the diversity of fashion brands has ceased to meet Remy. She wanted to create something new and unique. Visiting a couple of lessons sketching, the girl got down to business. The secret of the name lies in the philosophy of the brand.

Mademoiselle Epaulette is translated from French as “the lady with the shoulder pads in French”. I believe that shoulders can tell a lot about a woman. Solid, strong posture is a sign of confidence. I want women to feel strong and confident when they wear my clothes,

— says Remi.