Брат Василия Степанова рассказал о его реабилитации после падения Today it became known that the star of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” was discharged from the medical institution, where he was in April. At the moment Vasily Stepanov help his loved ones. Apparently, the actor is on the mend.
Брат Василия Степанова рассказал о его реабилитации после падения

Today in mass media there was information that the 31-year-old Vasily Stepanov, who was placed in a psychiatric hospital after falling from the window, was discharged from the medical institution. According to journalists, the young man is stable.

“StarHit” contacted brother Basil, Maxim, who confirmed that his cousin is recovering at home. Close Stepanova support him during rehabilitation. According to Maxim, Vasily wrote last week. Nevertheless, the artist continues to visit a medical specialist.

“He is under observation and goes to the doctor. About the diagnosis I don’t know it, too. Doctor-patient confidentiality. To be ahead is not you want… as for the work, to be ahead is not want. We have the gypsum to remove with the hands lifted, left leg. Brother says he wants to continue working in my field. He’s all right,” said the “StarHit” a relative of the actor.

We will add that after the news about the hospitalization of Vasily Stepanov appeared in the media numerous speculations about the causes of the incident. Some fans even believed that he wanted to settle scores with life. The Studio program “Let them say” mom, men Ludmila denied information about her son’s fragile psyche, and he was planning to commit suicide. Sam Basil told the family that fell out of a third floor window, rescuing a cat.

The family of Vasily Stepanov saves him from a psychiatric clinic: new details

Note that the actor always maintained a businesswoman Lena Lenina. After Basil got to the hospital, the woman was personally looked into the situation. Earlier, the socialite was repeatedly trying to get Vasily Stepanov in show business. Last year Lena was awarded the man of the title of “Sex symbol”. The artist was surprised by the attention he received at the event, hosted by Lena. “Award Lena was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect that I have any interest. Now I work, is busy in several projects”, – said Vasily “StarHit”.

We also recall that in mid-December last year, the star of the film “Inhabited island” slipped and sustained a fracture of the hip bone and two vertebrae. After the accident Vasili had to go to the hospital. Then Lena Lenina was supported by a friend and told reporters that his recovery will span several months. “He lost a lot of weight and a long time will probably do physical therapy. But Bob is so beautiful that no one in show business there is no doubt that willing to help him always a lot. Due to the fact that Bob will have to wear a corset, he can not anywhere else to do another six months,” – said the socialite.