The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina asks for help from ex-husband

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина просит помощи у бывшего мужа The witch turned to Julius Mitkevich-Dalecki in an emergency. She dialed ex-wife at the time, when I saw that her car was on fire and belching smoke salon.

About four months ago witch Tatyana Larina severed relations with her husband Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. As it became known, the woman caught him cheating. She could not forgive the betrayal of the chosen. The star of “the battle of psychics” have long tried to forget the man. About a month clairvoyant could not go back to filming “Diary of psychic” on channel TV-3.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina broke up with her husband

However, this misfortune Larina is not over. The other day unknown persons set fire to her car. Tatiana sat in the kitchen and was talking with a friend, when suddenly I heard the sound of the alarm machine. She went down to see what happened. From the interior of the vehicle was falling thick smoke. Larin didn’t know what to do in this situation. She dialed Julia and asked him to come immediately. Mitkevich-dalecki could not deny the ex-spouse.

“Tatiana called me in a panic, I immediately went to her. At first we didn’t understand what happened – but later it became clear that this is not just a problem in the car, the car was on fire. It is already difficult to understand who did it – apparently, detractors Thani. She’s still in shock from the incident – I helped her to call the emergency services and deal with the documents,” said Julius.

Perhaps, the man hopes to restore the confidence of the lady. Tatiana has not commented on the situation. As noted by the familiar of witches, even Mydevices-Dalecki, Larina even changed her image. In the wardrobe of a clairvoyant appeared in white outfits and dark shades of makeup was replaced by light and silver shadows.

Recently Tatiana caught a bad cold. The witch complained to the subscribers in Instagram, almost lost his voice, but she needs to continue to work. The followers are worried and believe that Larina too much self-torture.

“Tatiana, I wish you health! Take care of yourself!” “Speedy recovery!”, “The basic rule of life – not to break itself, neither people nor circumstances”, “Tatiana, more sleep, hot tea, less strain on the vocal cords, more fruits and rest. All turn out you’ll be fine”, “Urgent heal! At least the day lie down!”, wrote fans of the stars.

See the continuation of the “Diary of psychic” this Friday at 18:00 on channel TV-3!