Star surgeon responded to the accusations of popular blogersha

Звездный хирург ответил на обвинения популярной блогерши The parties met in the program “Let them talk”. Anastasiya Shpagina four months ago turned to Timur Nugaeva to do rhinoplasty. She was unhappy with the result, but the doctor, in her opinion, didn’t want to hear about complaints. The girl began to receive threats because of expressed dissatisfaction.
Звездный хирург ответил на обвинения популярной блогерши

In late April, a famous blogger Anastasiya Shpagina accused the surgeon of Timur Nugaev that plastic surgery, in her opinion, was unsuccessful. She admitted that some time was not able to breathe, and it was not satisfied with the shape of the nose. The girl told about it in his blog, which gathered several million views. Star surgeon was at the center of a massive scandal

Anastasia came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to share your story. She said that long dreamed to do a rhinoplasty to remove hump and to get a straight neat nose. When the question arose of a choice of the surgeon, she came across in Instagram to profile of Timur Nugaev. The girl agreed with him about the barter: the medic makes her new appearance, but it as a thank you advertisement in his microblog. However, after leaving the clinic between the doctor and patient conflict broke out.

“I did absolutely not what I wanted. And I got a hollow nose, a dent. After that head stopped to breathe, I have visible scars on both sides. Nugaev said he was happy that all is well,” said the girl.

Anastasia admitted that after she made the first advertising publication, the surgeon was gone, blogger wanted to get on the postoperative view, but the doctor did not go on contact.

In defense of the surgeon were Anna Grachevskaya, who resorted to the services of Timur Shamilevich. She said that almost every day consulted. TV presenter accused Cindy of lying – she thought after the criticism in the Network the girl began to pick on your own nose.

Shpagina also said that she received threats from a certain Victor, and then began to receive text messages.

Звездный хирург ответил на обвинения популярной блогерши

In the Studio “Let them talk” appeared the surgeon Timur Nugaev. He said he did not understand from whom received threats. Anna Grachevskaya suggested that it ill-wishers. Anastasia asked the doctor what she should do – because nose breathing. In his defense, the surgeon said that four months is inadequate to assess the results of rhinoplasty.

Andrey Malakhov invited to the Studio of another blogger Nikolai Sobolev, who helps Anastasia in this fight.

“I know Cindy for a very long time. This is the most non-confrontational blogger. She decided a long time whether to go here on the program, she consulted with me and several times changed the decision, whether to lay out these videos. She kept the clips after she began to threaten, and she wasn’t thinking about how to “hypnoti” in his grief,” emotionally said Sobolev, springing up from the couch.
Звездный хирург ответил на обвинения популярной блогерши

Experts in the Studio don’t understand why the girl is not seeking help from law enforcement and not trying to solve the situation in the framework of the law.

“I the court did not address, I would like to discuss with people who will help me. I for the first time confronted with this situation, I didn’t want to make mistakes even here,” said Anastasia.

In the Studio there is another victim of plastic surgery Natalia Koroleva. She went to the specialist to enlarge Breasts. However after surgery at the young woman started having complications. The Queen admitted that in a week she was forced to fly to Moscow to get on reception to the doctor, however, in her opinion, did not get help. However, after that she flew to Volgograd. Three days later she again started bleeding.

At the end of the program Anastasia announced that it intends to demand the withdrawal of the license of the surgeon. Timur Nugaev has admitted that he is not afraid of the trial.