Brother of Lyudmila Gurchenko died from cirrhosis of the liver

Брат Людмилы Гурченко умер от цирроза печени The man died on 75-m to year of life. At the time, the artist was in touch with him and shared the news. The man was buried in the village of Dunaevskiy Smolensk region. Last spouse of the actress and her daughter called the wife of the brother, father and expressed his condolences.

      Брат Людмилы Гурченко умер от цирроза печени

      Family of Lyudmila Gurchenko accept condolences. On the 75th year died the cousin of the artist Anatoly a Gurchenkov. The man has long suffered from health problems, but access to specialists is not wanted. According to the wife of a relative of the popular favorite, relatives tried to persuade Anatoly Yegorovich, but he wouldn’t budge.

      “Roofing was sick to be treated at the hospital refused, – says the “StarHit” his wife Lubov. – “Do not go!” Still had foot problems for 4 days before the tragedy, they refused.”

      Anatoly Yegorovich was buried in the local cemetery in the village of Dunaevskiy Smolensk region. “The memorial service arrived with him our children and grandchildren – continues Love. The last Lucy’s husband, Sergei Senin, and her daughter Mary made the call, expressed condolences.”

      In the village there are 4 resident and 3 houses. But the 80-year-old Lubov was not discouraged. “I have a vegetable garden, spring plant carrots, potatoes. Now knit the grandchildren clothes.”

      We will remind, during the life of Lyudmila Markovna kept in touch with his brother, they from time to time called up. A few years ago, a relative of the actress told the unknown details of her life. For example, it became known that in fact they were Gurchenkova, but when the father of Lyudmila Markovna moved to Kharkov, the name was transformed in the Ukrainian style. Also, a man described how he developed relationships maidens with their husbands and parents. Despite the fact that Gurchenko not told his brother about the death of her father, Mr. ye did not hold that against her and was sympathetic to employment sisters.