Brad pitt dismissed the charges of violence

С Брэда Питта сняли обвинения в насилии Actor suspected in the brutal treatment of children. Earlier it was reported that the star father was rough with his eldest son Maddox during the incident, which occurred in September on Board the aircraft.

      С Брэда Питта сняли обвинения в насилии

      Management on Affairs of family and children of Los Angeles has decided that movie star brad pitt did not show cruelty towards their children. Earlier there were rumors that the actor was rude during the conflict with Maddox on Board. According to some, the elder heir was trying to protect her mom, angelina Jolie, in which unflattering spoke of his father. The incident occurred in September, and almost two months of Agency staff trying to clarify the details.

      According to foreign media reports, to understand the situation, the social workers had to have a talk with each of the members of the star family. Since there was no crime, the charges against pitt was removed, and the case will soon be closed. It is hoped that this development will help the actor to permit collaboration with the ex-wife custody of the children.

      We will remind, several days ago, the court ruled that the six heirs of the famous couple are living with their mother and their father can perform “therapeutic visits.” When reviewing a custody dispute at pitt has all the chances equal rights to educate children. The conflict in the family greatly affected the state of the actor. As noted by the fans, he lost weight and got old. Haggard brad pitt shocked appearance

      By the way, not all the heirs were cheered by the news that they will live with mom. Shiloh and pax want to stay with the father, as had always been close with him. “With him they feel more emotionally compatible. So they put angelina in a losing situation. How can you say that only doing the best for children when you ignore their wishes?” told surrounded by stars.

      However, apparently, authorities did not take into account the requirements of the minor heirs, so that all six are still with Angelina Jolie. The actress settled with them in private, gated community rented a house. After the message about divorce Hollywood couple pitt was allowed to see sons and daughters only once. The actor yearns for the heirs. “He feels that his life has become empty without children. The house seems too big and quiet. Brad still feels empty, because he took the most expensive. He’s desperate and is going to settle before the end of the agreement for child custody with Angelina. Brad would agree only on equal conditions,” – said the familiar stars.