Dmitri Tarasov sued after an accident

На Дмитрия Тарасова подают в суд после аварии The football player became the participant of road accident. In a Network there was video of a girl who explained that the car of Dmitry Tarasov scratched her car. According to her, after the incident, a group of young men threatened her. The victim intends to go to court and charge men money for the damages.

      На Дмитрия Тарасова подают в суд после аварии

      In a Network there was video of some Hope, which claims that the footballer Dmitry Tarasov and his friends scratched her car and threatened her. Judging by the commercials, the incident occurred upon arrival at the Parking lot near one of cafe on Novy Arbat in Central Moscow. The girl immediately called the employees of traffic police to record the accident.

      According to Hope, who shares details from the scene to microblog while she waited for road service, she was approached by the passengers of the “G” and tried to settle the question. “Tarasov and Kabardians got in the car and hastily left when they saw police approaching! Came a certain Oleg and began to persuade me to hush up the case, then Shamil came and also began to persuade me that he will repair the car and will pay!”, – explained the girl.

      Later, according to Hope, she took the phone. “Tarasov disappeared and left Gaelic without an owner, when we arrived the traffic police and the police! The police asked me to write the same statement! I wonder why?” – said the participant of the accident on the page.

      “StarHit” decided to clarify Dmitry Tarasov, whether it was an accident and if he knows that he is preparing an application to the court. On the phone the player through the dream said that not heard anything about the continuation of the story.

      “Yes, the collision was. Decided out of the blue. DPS have decided,” said Tarasov
      На Дмитрия Тарасова подают в суд после аварии

      However, Hope believes that the authorities should deal with the company guys and Tarasov in particular. She went in the morning for questioning. Surveillance cameras on the building recorded everything that happened. According to the girl, the athlete and his company should be responsible for their words and insults. At the moment, Hope looking for a lawyer. Members supported the initiative and wait how things will develop. “Nadia, don’t leave the rudeness unpunished!”, “Stand up!”, “Bold! Let justice prevail!”, – wrote followers.

      Otherwise, the player saw the situation. After he called the reporters, it is understood that the incident is not exhausted. “The word is not a Sparrow, fly – not catch. People sometimes go on very dishonorable things for a minute PR. That’s their business, not going to judge, but only in one case – if it’s not the peace and humiliation of others. Most of all I hate lie. In this video the heroine of the incident, which did not know about the availability of DVR in the car. Once again confirms that it is not always necessary to believe what you write. Have a great day. People stay in any situation,” Tarasov wrote about the incident on his microblog and added the video from the DVR.

      By the way, Dmitry Tarasov is going through a difficult period. The player left with his wife Olga Buzova, but the reasons for discord in the family, none of them spoke. In addition, over a long period of time the player is undergoing rehabilitation after a serious injury received in September. Tarasov’s friends and his mother. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation