Brother Eddie Murphy died suddenly from cancer

Брат Эдди Мерфи скоропостижно скончался от рака The man died at the age of 57 years. Eddie and his family accepted condolences from friends and fans. Relatives can not believe Charlie’s death, because the treatment for leukemia has helped the comedian, and his condition improved.

      Брат Эдди Мерфи скоропостижно скончался от рака

      Eddie Murphy and his family are experiencing a bereavement. On the eve of one of the hospitals of new York passed away, his brother Charlie. The man was 57 years old. According to relatives, he was undergoing chemotherapy, because some time ago he was diagnosed with leukemia. Foreign tabloids claim that the procedures helped the comedian, and his condition improved, so nobody expected that he would die. According to some reports, relatives were shocked to hear about his passing.

      “Charlie has filled our family with love and laughter. Every day we will feel that it is no longer around. Thank you for the condolences and prayers,” the statement reads close to Murphy.

      By the way, a few years ago, Charlie’s wife, Tisha Taylor, also died from cancer, leaving the comedian with three children. Charlie is known for his roles in the films “night at the Museum”, “Stars of the bar” and “a Thousand deaths”, “Show Chappelle”. In some films, he starred along with his brother Eddie. The last couple of years Charlie has toured, composed of a stand-up group “The Comedy Get Down”.

      A colleague of Murphy remembered how was the artist. “He was always running home to the kids after the performances,” said D. L. Hagley on the page in a social network. People leave condolences under a collage of pictures of Charlie.

      Recall that the Murphy brothers were very close, and in his youth worked in various stand-up clubs. Then Eddie noticed, and he began to conquer the film industry. Charlie was never jealous of the glory of the relative and supported him in all the high-profile film screenings and premieres.

      In an interview, the youngest of the brothers Murphy explained why he left standup. “It stopped being fun. Fun but ceased to be because it became more difficult to come up with something new. Mind you, this was before the Internet.” I thought maybe it’s time to take a break. And break just became very long. And then began the movement around the label Def Jam with other black comedians, well that’s another story. I was lazy and thought, “I can still do stand-up”. And now I’m not so far from that,” said Eddie.