Native Vasily Stepanov told about his mental problems

Родные Василия Степанова рассказали о его проблемах с психикой The actor will be seen the doctors. On the eve of Vasily Stepanov fell from the third floor window. According to the artist’s brother, Maxim, now the victim is already at home, but doctors will monitor his condition.

      The star of the acclaimed film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov fell out of the window. According to some reports, the incident occurred Wednesday morning on the street Davydkovskaya. Fans concerned about the state of the artist. The publication reported that the actor suffered a broken leg and shoulder. The man himself does not consider the incident an accident. Vasiliy Stepanov admitted to hospital after falling from the window

      Reporters contacted the family of Basil. His brother explained that the doctors performed all the necessary tests. Stepanov believed that the actor will be able to recover quickly.

      “I don’t know how it happened, because I wasn’t home at the time. He is a man healthy and strong. Everything is fine with him. Gave him the medical care that was needed. The plaster was applied. Thought he was a danger to society, in hospital. The psychiatrist felt,” – said Maxim.

      Informed friends and family of the artist has mentioned that he has some mental health problems. As told to Maxim “StarHit”, Basil was diagnosed with manic depression, and it was observed by experts.

      Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

      “First, the VA treated without doctors, said a brother actor. – Every weekend we invited his friends for spiritual gatherings. Sometimes the family were away at the cottage. But it’s depressing not retreated… Then I went to the Metropolitan psychiatrists – have chosen the professional of the business, the price of 10 thousand rubles per session. He spat on the rates, agreed. Progress was obvious: six months later, Vaska came to himself a little, became interested in the business of books.”

      Star friends Stepanova also made no secret that his mental state was engaged in physicians. Lena Lenina, who admires the talent and beauty of a Saint, confirmed on Twitter that he had a long history of depression, and after a spinal fracture suffered severe pain.

      “After a spinal injury, he was in the hospital, and the constant state of pain made his existence unbearable. He wanted to kill himself. And went out of the window of his apartment. Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, he failed, and he was left to live, but very badly damaged,” said the writer.

      As reported by REN TV, after a conversation with the district Stepanov was released home to recover.