Julia Alibekova can’t get out of severe depression

Юлия Салибекова не может выбраться из тяжелой депрессии The star of “House-2” told fans about all the problems. It turned out that all the family members Saribekovich still can not completely recover, making it difficult to transfer to newly purchased dwelling.

      Recently former members of the popular electroni Tigran and Julia Alibekova told followers on Instagram that completed excellent repair in the new apartment. However, to move into a cozy nest until it turns out young people together with kids sick. Apparently, such a long recovery period does not allow the woman to feel happy. She has published in the microblog post, where he complained to the followers in a bad mood. Julia Alibekova can’t move into a new apartment

      “I guess emotionally it’s like the catcher I now. Forgive me for this depressing post! I’m sick, sick children and no end in sight… Passing some silly problems constantly arise that need to be addressed, and I have no more … Just no energy, I’m so tired of these endless syrups, inhalations, temperatures!” – wrote Julia.

      The case was complicated by the fact that beauty fell a number of tricky issues to deal with which it has not yet obtained. Salibekov worried that nerves and fatigue can’t hide from the heirs of emotions. Also the young mother added that some time ago wanted to quickly be in a new place, and now can not hear about it.

      “I’m a second day sore eyes. Probably, the consequences of high temperatures, but that doesn’t help! Anyway, I’m a mom. I should treat of all, to remember who, when and what to drink. I really want to cry, and I cry. Know that children should not see the tears, but I cry. All my plans are crumbling, everything is postponed indefinitely, I already hate the word “transfer” and “apartment”. I had enough, I hate April!” – said Julia.

      Of course, fans of the star family, could not stay aside and began to comfort favorite. Users of social network left dozens of touching comments with wishes of strength and health Alibekova. They are also advised to drink more vitamins and change of medicines for a more powerful. Some fans have noted that in the spring many get sick and not be so serious to treat temporary difficulties, especially when there are dear and near to heart.

      “Julia, hold on! Health to you and the kiddies!”, “Ulaska, don’t be sad! Now all sick! Pass! Recovering!”, “Pull yourself together! VSK will be held, all will be cured itself on your feet, the main hold itself, and not limp! Everything goes forward, and the disease will go away, and all will be well, the main thing do not bother, and treat the boys! Health to you, get better!”, “Good Day! Julia, all that is done – so, as you want! Man proposes and God disposes!”, “Get well, the repair is a lot of work and hassle. Everything will be fine, Yulia! You are super, a bit of patience,” wrote a follower.