Vacation stars could end in tragedy.

Almost all summer Britney Spears with children conducted by the sea and how pleased the fans often images in bathing suits. It is evident that the singer is finally happy with her figure at all one hundred percent. Yes and spiteful critics to say absolutely nothing – the singer looks simply stunning!

However, while we all admired the pictures of the stars, behind the scenes she literally fought for her life. In one of the vacation days Britney Spears went for a little swim, Yes, was nearly drowned.

“I got out of the room and thought: there are waves, it’s so cool, so refreshing. But I never imagined that it would be difficult to get out of the water – confessed Britney live on Radio One. When I understood that here-here will sink, I thought, where’s my security? They don’t let me die here. Later I covered the new wave. I almost drowned under these six-foot waves!”

Another great day!

Video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) August 4, 2016 in 5:05 PDT

Fortunately, nothing happened, and now the singer with a smile can tell about what happened. The more that this little incident did not spoil the star holiday in Hawaii the singer was well enough, brought himself into shape and is now preparing for the presentation of the new album Glory and new single “Make Me”, which she recorded in collaboration with G-Eazy.

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