Светлана Дружинина: «Врачи считали, что Боярский останется калекой»
The Director spoke about a terrible accident, which got famous actor during the filming of her picture.

Светлана Дружинина: «Врачи считали, что Боярский останется калекой»

Svetlana Druzhinin

Photo: photo from personal archive of Svetlana Druzhinina

Director Svetlana Druzhinin and actor Mikhail Boyarsky share a deep friendship. They met on the set of pictures Druzhinina “While the mad dream” and as soon as he had the opportunity to work together again, Svetlana invited the boyar to a major role in the painting “Courtship of the hussar”.

“Mike resisted for a long time, – says Druzhinina. He was a star! And then some vaudeville. But when the composer Gennady Gladkov played him the songs, Mike, who knows a lot about good music, I could not refuse.” Starred the picture is easy and fun, and there were no signs of drama… But one day on the set of the boyar did not appear. It soon became clear that the actor got into a terrible accident on 29-m kilometre of the Kiev highway. The doctors said: “boyar bomber, and if they survive, it will be crippled”. But relatives and members of the crew hoped and prayed, and a miracle happened — the boyar stood on his feet…

“During the illness of General plan boyars were replaced by the understudy, says Druzhinina. Mike knew about it, worried. Releasing from the hospital, the doctors strictly forbade him to sit in the saddle due to issues with the spine. But the first day of shooting Misha effectively left to us on camera on horseback. I gasped, but he didn’t say “stop”. Stunt squeezed their horses. the horse that bucked. And so neatly took him on the point. And the close-up they gently lowered him from his horse, framed iron frame, which he kept bobbing like he was sitting in the saddle, and sang…

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Mikhail Boyarsky and Elena Korenev in the movie “the Courtship of the hussar”. 1979

Photo: Mosfilm-info

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